Visual Notes

During the process of creating my visual notes, I learned that it is much easier to take notes visually. It saves a lot more time compared to writing notes traditionally, and creates an actual image that my brain can remember instead of pure text. It is also much easier to connect ideas through visual notes as it is more free flowing and does not have to follow a structure. I found the overall process very enjoyable because I did not have to confine my thoughts, but I can let them flow freely. I think I might start taking notes for some classes in a more visual format from now on.

Zoom Zoom

I chose my skateboard picture because I rode my skateboard to the library, and I thought it would be a good image to use. I chose the red car image because I want the car to be the top half of the image, with the skateboard being the bottom half of the car. Also, I edited these images on February 12, which is Chinese New Year, and red is a symbolic colour for Chinese New Year. I did not know how to use Adobe Photoshop, so it took me a long time to learn how to use it. That was the main challenge that I faced when I was editing the images. The final image shows that cars are not the only mode of transportation, hence my skateboard. There are a lot more modes of transportations in addition to cars, and some of those are less harmful to the environment.

Literacy Narrative Reflection

I was not taught how to write a narrative during high-school. Instead, I was taught the classic five-paragraph essay that every student knows how to write. Hence, when I was writing the reflection, I felt, for the first time, freedom when I am writing. It felt like that I could write and say anything I want without worrying about the overall “structure” of the essay. Likewise, I wrote my narrative in the same fashion, free without worrying about structures.

After writing this narrative, I was surprised to re-discover that I really write like how I read. I almost had forgotten this feeling since the last time I truly wrote something as free and creative as this narrative was likely during elementary school. The years spent learning how to write using certain structures have shaped me into thinking that all essays required aspects such as introduction, conclusion, thesis, etc. Whereas in reality, I can write however I want as there are no true structure when it comes to essays.

From the readers’ perspective, I think this narrative could almost be viewed as a story. I spent a large portion of the narrative writing about my memories of my father, which I enjoyed very much. The picture of my parents also help the readers associate a face with the figure of my father, which can make reading easier and more interesting.

Narrative page:


I was sitting at the library when I took out a piece of gum and threw the wrapper into the garbage. As I watched the wrapper ball glide through the air, I realized that this could be a potential Sunday sketch. I unwrapped another piece of gum and crumbled the wrapper into a ball and started sketching. The reason why I chose this idea as a sketch is because almost everyone has enjoyed the satisfaction of crumbling a piece of paper into a ball and trying to throw it into a garbage can. As a child, whenever someone would shoot something, people would yell “KOBE,” hence the title. Therefore, I feel that this sketch is very relatable for everyone, and that is why I chose it.


Eric Qian English 181 2021-01-29 16:23:58

This is an image of Eren Jaeger from the comic based anime: Attack on Titan. I chose a picture of Eren because Attack on Titan is the first anime that I have ever watched, and I have been enjoying it very much so far. Eren is a character that is driven by pure determination to revenge his mother, who unfortunately was eaten alive by a monster titan. Although I have not experienced such a horrific event, I can relate to Eren’s drive to achieve his goal as I have a similar type of drive to achieve some of my goals in life as well. When creating the badge, I encountered the copyright issue where the image that I found and was originally going to use did not have a Creative Common license. Hence, I could not use that image and restarted my work on a different image.