The Secret Language of Comics

Ink Tank

As I was reading the instructions for Sunday Sketch 2, I looked at my desk and saw a bunch of highlighters. The first idea that popped in my head was to make a nickelodeon green slime gun with the green highlighter as the barrel of the slime gun. I didn’t know how to make the gun look cool and toy-like, and it ended up just looking like a green colored gun. I felt that even though the slime gun would’ve been a cool concept, it was slightly inappropriate and didn’t want any trouble coming from this sketch.

That’s when I thought of a cartoon tank with the green highlighter as the turret of the tank. I tried my best to make the tank look cartoony as possible by down-sizing the body of the tank to make the “turret” (green highlighter) unrealistically big.

Being The Butt of the Joke is No Fun

I feel like I’m constantly the butt of the joke from the fortune cookie gods.

As I scanned my room for an object, a measly remnant of my Chinese takeout caught my eye: a fortune cookie. Normally, I’d excitedly open the package, crack the cookie in half, read my often dismal fortune, and eat the cookie to soothe my superstitious soul. Last week, my fortune said that I have a lot of problems! That day, I was so busy, I forgot about the cookie. I thought I could use the cookie for my sunday sketch, but figuring out an idea proved harder than I originally imagined. I tried a couple of ideas—UFO, Asian conical hat, hair—yet none of them really worked. The odd, crimped, protruding shape of the cookie was working against my favor, and any minuscule change in the camera angle drastically altered how the cookie looked.

On Sunday night, I held the cookie in my hand, trying to ignore the urge to crush it into pieces and give up. I thought “Haha, this kind of looks like a butt.” I instantly dismissed the crude idea, but the more I thought of it, the more it seemed to fit. Yes. A corgi butt. I immediately got to work on my iPad, and voila! Fortune cookie butt! I then edited the photo to adjust the lighting and dimensions and felt happy with the final product. Now, I’m currently eating the cookie while reading my fortune about failing at the stock market (I don’t know anything about it). I think I’m going to start kicking the fortune cookies’ butts and decide my own future.

Finding the Light

Although 2020 has come to a close, our lives will forever be stained by its events. With the pandemic, social injustice, and economic distress, all we can do is search for the light.

Ironically, as fire usually can represent chaos and anguish, its one of the most original forms of light. We have endured a year of chaos and anguish, and can turn to a brighter year. The year of 2021 can prioritize recreating hope amongst all individuals affected by 2020.

I explored multiple items for this weeks “Sunday Sketch”: keys, iPhone chargers, and even food. I finally decided to use a lighter to reflect on simpler times, when fire was the most common form of light. Not surprisingly, I came up with this idea because my roomate watched CBS’s Survivor right next to me, a show where contestants have to sustain themselves in the wild as they endure social challenges. I couldn’t help but seeing the humor in how we find it entertaining to watch people like us live like they’re in the stone age.

A Key that Will Open Anything

I have a habit of putting my index finger through the ring of my key chain, and I will toss the key forward and backwards so it would go from the inside of my hand to the outside and vice versa. One day while I was doing this, a thought came into my mind that a hand grenade is very form fitting to the hand, and that it also has a ring like my key. This is where I got the inspiration for this sketch.

I used an app called Medibang Paint on my tablet to draw this. I have never used digital software to draw before, but I found it quite fun! I used the layers to break down my idea into geometric shapes, before adding some texture and eventually color. Finally I put my key on my tablet to finish the piece.


Naughty but Knife

For some reason, my creativity was on full throttle for this Sunday Sketch. After reading the instructions, I immediately grabbed an item—a plastic knife I got from lunch—off my desk. I then ran through a list of pun ideas using the word “knife,” eventually selecting the phrase “naughty but knife” (“naughty but nice”). With that pun in mind, I started orienting the knife in different positions on my paper. I quickly noticed that the knife’s white serrated blade looked kind of like wings.

What has wings? I asked myself. Birds, bugs, dragons, angels….ANGELS ARE NICE.

Within 5 minutes, I had sketched out an angel with the plastic knife as one of its wings. That, however, was only half of the pun. I still had to think of something for “naughty.” Luckily for me, the opposite of angels are devils, which happen to be something naughty. Within the next 5 minutes, my angel had become an angel devil hybrid, the perfect embodiment of “naughty but knife.”


Pizza by the Stigmatism

When I first started thinking about this sketch, I immediately grabbed my glasses. They are so bent out of shape that they can almost lie flat on the page. This worked to my advantage because I saw the body of a bike form with the bent frames. The glasses bike looked very long and box-like, so I thought it was the perfect shape for a pizza delivery worker. I like that the translucent lenses allowed me to draw the spokes to pull the picture together.

Sunday Sketch 2: I’M All Tied Up

This Sunday sketch was very difficult for me, it took me a long time to find something to incorporate into a drawing. It took multiple drafts with different items to finally have an idea of what I wanted to draw. My first draft was trying to incorporate the string into a bow that would be used for a tie but I decided not to do that because I did not like how it came out. At the end I came up with using this wrapped up piece of sting as a bow to tie up a robe.

This Sunday sketch required me to think outside of the box and include something I normally would not have thought to include into my work. I had the most trouble finding and object to center a sketch around because for most items I did not have a clue what to draw. Then when I finally had an idea of what to draw I struggled with the idea of adding color to my drawing. I choose to have the bow be the pop of color on my drawing leaving the robe white.

Let’s Roll~!

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

When skimming over the prompt a week ago, I originally planned to start brainstorming ideas early on in the week—however that did not happen. I was sitting at my desk earlier this afternoon, spun slowly on my chair, and scanned everything visible in my room from that corner, trying to spot something that could get my imagination going ASAP. It took about two full turns before I spotted the roll of tape I dropped behind my desk earlier this week and forgot to pick it back up. The shape of the tape dispenser first made me instantly think of those little kid wooden toy cars, but I couldn’t think of how I could incorporate a sketch to that. Still pondering on the thought of transportation, it hit me it also looked like a carriage, so I looked up images of horse-drawn carriages to confirm my sketch idea—I got started right away.

I used a photograph of some wedding horse-drawn carriage to reference when sketching the horse—I love drawing animals, so this was definitely my favorite part to do and I took a bit more time working on it. On the other hand, I do not enjoy drawing people in any other way other than simply as a circle head and rectangle body, so I got that part done in seconds. For the hand-drawn portions, I used a No.2 wooden pencil. For the “carriage”, I used the tape roll dispenser and when I realized I could not draw wheels over the carriage, I ripped apart my kneaded eraser into two separate pieces, rolled them up, and stuck them on the tape dispenser.

Prompt for this Sunday Sketch is here.

Inside or Outside?

A hair clip turned into a rib cage. I knew that I wanted to do something with the hair clip, but I wasn’t sure what it could transform into. I held it up at different angles to see. Holding it far away, I realized that it looked like ribs. I got this hair clip on Amazon so that I can use it to hold up my hair. Once I got it, I realized it was too small and couldn’t handle my thick hair. I looking so forward to style it 😦 .

During my drawing process, I wished to make it realistic but also minimal. I drew the lungs, a liver, and a rough outline of a torso. I did not draw a heart because it would be covered by the rib cage. Anytime I want to draw something, I try so hard to make it realistic, especially anatomy, but it never works out. I felt defeated when I see artists on Instagram sharing their amazing art. While I was drawing, I love just the drawing aspect of it since it has been a long time since I did draw. I felt more excited to draw than I had before. Also, I was taken back to my Human Anatomy and Physiology class in high school where we had to draw life-sized skeletal system though my more artistic friend handled the sketching part of it.

It felt so nice and comforting to use a mechanical pencil again. The last time I actually used a pencil this long was before COVID. I forgot how good of a mechanical pencil I had. It’s so smooth. I missed writing on paper since all I do is type away on online assignments.

(Discus)sing with Friend

For this week’s Sunday sketch, I decided to draw my friends and I playing frisbee on the quad. We often have conversations while playing. Hence, the pun in the title. Playing frisbee is one of my favorite things to do with my friends. Since I am being quarantined in the hotel, I have been really missing the outdoors.

Looking around my room, I was struggling to find an object to use in my sketch. I decided to use a gum wrapper because I figured I could mold it into anything I wanted. Due to my situation, I did not have access to any physicals means of adding color, so the original sketch is black and white. However, after finishing the sketch, I used photo editing software to add color.