The Secret Language of Comics


For the Triptych I wanted to do something relevant to today. I chose to write about a covid denier, using the same words: “Covid isn’t real.” The story progresses in three stages. First, the figure is watching the News, seeing record Covid cases. In the middle, he is still going out to a social gathering, ignoring the information about covid. Finally, he is in the hospital still denying covid is real. Finding the inspiration was not hard as it is a real problem.

Sunday Sketch 5 – Triptych

Image: Landscape near Border of Utah and Arizona

To find inspiration for this sketch, I decided to scroll through the trending images on Flickr. I noticed that there was an abundance of landscape images. Something I like to do in my free time is to relax outside and just think. However, after while that tends to get boring, and I crave human interaction. For me, at least a balance between the two makes me happy. Hence, the line of thinking of my comic. This landscape caught my eye because I thought it was pretty magnificent. I also chose this specific landscape because the environment looked particularly dry, which means its only bearable for so long. After I decided on this image, I used the Pixlr online photo editor to insert the frames and the text boxes.

The most challenging part of this experience was summarizing an idea within three panels. This is quite different from my personal literary narrative comic because I had no creative boundaries. In this case, on the other hand, I had to make my idea fit into three frames, which requires the utmost conciseness.

Triptych – Nostalgia

For this weeks triptych, I wanted to portray the feeling of nostalgia in a college student reminiscing on his high school athletic days. It begins with the high school athlete winning but not liking wrestling. Then, at his college desk, he looks at an old photo of himself and remembers a time he misses. For the drawings, I decided between using pen/marker, or an online comic tool. I chose to use pens and markers because I like the simplistic look it gives the comic.

Triptych: Zoom University

Emory University Quad Photo by Me

Before COVID-19 struck us here in the U.S., I was still debating on what college I would declare to attend by Decision Day, but there was one thing that I knew for sure would occur to me no matter where I decided to go: I am super awkard and shy so it’s always usually pretty hard for me to interact with strangers and make acquaintances and/or friends right away. However, COVID made its grand and unwelcomed appearance and suddenly whatever that “traditional college freshman year experience” is was completely revamped. Whatever little insignificant expectation I had—such as “I’m going to get lost trying to find my classes”—was thrown out the window. So, basically my only expectation still standing was “it’s going to be awkard and tough meeting new people and making friends”, even more so given that all my classes were through zoom regardless of my geographical status living on campus that first semester. As expected, I did not make more than one new (1) friend and one (1) new solid acquaintance who I felt comfortable and not awkard interacting with. I’ve grown up, preferring to be solo most of the time, yet something about living in a place that I had previously seen pictures of, with crowds of people, and feeling confined to my dorm room by myself made feelings of isolation skyrocket—surpassing my expectation of “loneliness”.

I had lots of trouble crafting my narrative. First off, I did not even know what to write about—to make up a scenario or to go with something based on personal experience? i decided to go through my photos first and see if I could get some inspiration and surely, I did. Yet, again, it always has to do with sky pictures with me, so at first, I was planning on writing about my trips to my house’s rooftop to view the sunsets. But, upon coming across a photo I took at the lonely Quad last semester—photo that I really like too—I knew I wanted to use it and split it for my three panels. At first, I was not able to figure out an efficient way to split my photo evenly and adding the text, until I remembered two apps I used before: one to split a panorama photo so I could post it on instagram “completely” and Phonto to add the text on the images. Coming up with the “caption” was the next challenging thing. Having selected the photo, thinking back to the emotions I had that day I took it, I knew I wanted to write about that topic but I wasn’t sure how to convey it, so I pondered over it for a while, until I decided to just make it the simplest I could. Crafting this triptych it felt very similar to the process of creating my literative narrative comic rough draft; I had to think about the choice of wording and the choice of frame—I purposely cropped my photo so the chair would be on a panel by its own—to convey my story.

Spooky Recruitment

I was thinking about this Sunday Sketch while I was looking out a window in the pitch black night. This gave me the idea of a ghost haunting. Once I got the idea for the sketch, the hard part was deciding how to condense everything into only three panels, such that if you remove one the story would not make. I wanted to keep the comic simple yet colorful so that it can appeal to a wide audience and so that it is light hearted. This is a different style of comic from my story board, nonetheless it was very fun to draw.

Sunday Sketch 5: Triptych

Photos taken by Kyle Yang

This Sunday Sketch was surprisingly easier than I thought it would be. Telling a full story with only three images and a few words seems like such a difficult task, but for some reason, I immediately thought to use this particular set of photos. In our senior year of high school, my friends and I were doing a photoshoot right before homecoming. For one of our poses, my friends lifted me up, and the photographer just so happened to capture the moment my friends dropped me. There is actually an entire succession of photos that details that moment, but to create this triptych, I picked the three photos that I thought could depict the entire event. I decided I wanted to make my comic strip humorous, so I employed the wordplay of the phrase “lift you up” at the end.

Triptych: Among the Stars

Photo 1 , Photo 2, Photo 3

My triptych is a conversation between two people and the miscommunication when discussing their relationship status. I chose this as an idea for my triptych because I wanted it to be funny yet relatable. This specific snippet of the conversations seems to interrupt the peaceful night they have under the stars. Miscommunication is something that happens in a lot of relationships romantic and platonic so someone on some level has experienced a situation similar to this. This was a fun project to find something to turn into a 3 part comic that was funny yet still had some seriousness to it. This comic was a little different to the type of work I have done previously but it was a fun way to interact with my work.


I mentions in class that I used to draw little comics in middle school, this is a continuation of said comic. The characters, (Cat, Rat, and Bat) were self inserts of me and my two best friends at the time with Rat representing myself. They all had very simple designs and while I didn’t make many strips, they’d often end up in the margins of my homework. For this comic I decided to draw what happens to me and many others during the weekend.

Sunday Sketch: The Full Story

Most people have probably seen this classic meme format (the center panel) where someone puts different labels on the people. I decided to make a comic showing the full story of what the man was actually looking at. The third panel reveals the woman is half Yoda from the back. This was my first Sunday sketch working with photoshop, and I think it went relatively well. I was able to successfully edit the pictures together, crop, and photoshop. This comic strip is different from previous Sunday sketches because now we are telling a story from a few shots. It also forced me to keep the story to the point which could help in condensing my literacy narrative comic.

Late Night Happenings

For this sketch assignment, I wanted it to simple but meaningful. I had a totally different idea while going through Pinterest and finding a good photo. I was trying to find a photo that was landscape orientation, but Pinterest only had portrait photos. It take me forever to find a photo that I liked or was just the right amount of minimalistic that I wanted. The inspiration behind this sketch is the SAT tutoring scene from “Spinning” by Tillie Walden. In that scene, Tillie, the main character, was sexual assulated by her SAT tutor. I wanted to incorporated some essence of the scene in my sketch. I used Google Draw to add the boxes and frames. While thinking about the text, I wanted to keep it short but still impactful. I feel that this sketch can convey a lot of things, and because it is simple, it lets the viewers bring in their imagination to make it more complex. The dialogue could be put on another photo and still have the same meaning. I choose the bed photo because it hints to what may have happened.