The Secret Language of Comics

Avatar Sketch 1

This is a picture of a monkey that I took when I went to Florida one summer. I took this picture because of the red neon “Follow Your Dreams” sign to the left of the monkey. It seems that the monkey is following his dreams and is happy so I should to. I’m guessing the monkey’s dream was to create graffiti art because of the spray can in his hand. Although the graffiti art created by the monkey is not the best, he seems to be enjoying fulfilling his dreams. His smile makes me want to follow my own dream, regardless if I succeed in achieving them or not.


As you can tell this is my avatar for my website. I created this using an avatar maker website called Picrew, and I used Shirazu Yomi’s template to create my Avatar. [ ]

This is a semi-realistic representation of me. Of course, I don’t have cat ears in real life, but I added them to my avatar because I love cats. My Instagram for your page is filled with cat photos and memes. Though I don’t have any pets, I will adopt one once I have a stable income. They are so cute and bring me so much happiness by looking at them. As for the little bird on my head, I wanted to add it because it represents a relationship with someone who loves birds. They have a special place in my life. We can connect to a level that I haven’t with others. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to include the little bird, but I realized the avatar was not complete until I did. I added it with a smile on my face.
I wanted the avatar to represent the physical aspects of me: skin tone, eye color, hair color, and clothes. One thing that I wanted to point out was the clothes in the avatar. Right now in my life, I am trying to find my own aesthetic, especially in the way I want to present myself. Clothes are one of the best ways to express yourself, and currently, my wardrobe is mainly full of pajamas. Thanks to Covid, the only time I leave my house is to go to work which is one day a week, and I have a uniform. Otherwise, I have to be presentable is during zoom sessions where only my shoulders and up are visible. I wanted to expand my wardrobe and experiment with different types of clothes. However, that did not go as plan. Therefore, this avatar is more of a future version of myself that I aspire to be. The version that I will hopefully achieve before the fall semester when I will be on campus.


My Avatar

I chose to make a simple avatar that accurately reflects who I am. My last name is Burger and minus my family, everyone – including teachers and coaches – refers to me as such. I also only put “Nathan” on top instead of “Nathan Burger” because I felt as if the viewer is able to understand the picture represents my last name. I also chose to keep the drawing simple as my favorite type of art is Pop-Art. I used google drawings to create the picture itself. I drew, edited, and colored to the best of my ability to display my avatar.

The most difficult part for me was generating the work itself. I did not know how or what I could do to create something that reflected who I am. I was going to use several pictures of myself doing various activities I enjoy (working out, watching football, hanging with friends, etc.) but then creating a simple “Burger” popped in my head.

Inspired by:

Sunday Sketch #1: Avatar

My avatar is a combination of three items: a treble clef, the letter R and a distillation flask. The electrical plug and the distillation flask represent my love for science and technology, more specifically chemistry. The treble clefs show my passion for music, and the letter R stands for my name and family (all my family members have the same first letter in their names).

As a whole this image is a collage or mixture of my interests. It is ironic that there is a distillation flask, because it is used to separate mixtures, and over the course of this blog more of my interests will be revealed. Alternatively, this image can be seen as me playing an instrument, as the tilted flask looks like a bassoon and the letter R represents myself, and the clefs at the bottom are unplayed music. Unfortunately I do not play bassoon, but I do play the violin.

Avatar Sketch

I drew this avatar of me dancing. I chose to depict myself in my favorite color (pink), including my headphones. I pictured myself dancing and smiling because in my free time I am always doing something with music: dancing, singing, humming, or just listening. I try my best to look on the bright side and be positive, so I’ve included a little rainbow as my “aura.” As you can see, my name is written in graffiti lettering. I thought it would accurately represent my personality. I am energetic, friendly, messy, and sometimes chaotic. To me, graffiti feels energetic and lively with countless stories to tell. I struggled to find ways to convey my personality without obvious pictures or words, however, I think a smiling, dancing, girl in pink pretty much sums it up!


When thinking of ideas for what my avatar should be or include, I felt like I had several to choose from. However, once I started to look for appropriately licensed images, most of my ideas were cut back so I started to rethink and decided to maybe do a collage with photos I have taken myself. My hobby and liking of photography began sometime in middle school (I want to say around seventh grade) when I started to take pictures of the sky—whether it was because I thought the clouds or sunset color(s) of it looked cool. I started to take photography “more seriously” and expanded my range of what I photographed after enrolling in a photography course my sophomore year of high school. I like taking pictures of flowers/plants after it rains because they have cute little water droplets all over, I also like taking pictures of cool/pretty architecture (a decently large section of my camera roll during the dates of fall semester consists of Emory buildings). But, the type of pictures that still dominate my camera roll are sky photos so I used one of many—which was a very difficult decision as well—for the background of my avatar.

I was thinking of simply adding my name on the sky picture, but then I thought that would be a bit too plain—even though I consider myself to be a minimalist. I named my website mieldiez which is the direct Spanish translation of Honey10. Honey10 is the name for fans of the K-Pop group UP10TION, which is my top favorite group. I have been a fan of UP10TION since 2016 and have made many memories that are dear to me through the years as a fan of them, so I decided to do a doodle of their lightstick—which is technically a fancy battery-powered glowstick for concerts—and included my name in it. The doodle was a bit difficult, yet fun, to do since I am not very skilled nor used to doing digital art; when I draw, it has mainly been traditional art.

Sunday Sketch 1: Avatar

In this image, a drawn version of myself is sitting down and putting pencil to paper. This image represents various parts of my identity. One of the most prominent features of the drawing is the hijab on my head. It is a visible symbol of my religious identity, including the culture, values, and beliefs I practice on a daily basis. The actions portrayed in the drawing are realistic to my status as a student and also what I do in my free time. Not only have I always enjoyed writing in school, but I also enjoy writing and drawing as hobbies. I am a very artistic person and have found my creative outlets through different art forms such as bullet journaling and calligraphy.

While looking for my avatar, it was challenging to find an accurate representation of myself in cartoon form within the limits of Creative Commons-licensed images. As a result, I found an image on Flickr that I liked, and then I added my own creative flair to it. I traced and freehanded parts of the image and added elements that made the drawing more personal. I made the girl in the picture look more similar to myself by changing the skin tone, clothing, and other smaller elements.

Image used as inspiration:


Making a profile picture is always hard for me. To capture the entire essence of a person in one small image is a daunting challenge to say the least. I saw the assignment, sat down and took a long time thinking about what I wanted to present myself as to these people that, frankly, I don’t know that well. After a deliberating on it on and off for a week I finally came up with an idea I liked.

So this is the avatar I made for this class.

The icon consists of nothing but a time photo of a rat and my name written on the side in my less-than-perfect penmanship. I thought of making a collage but I feel like this simple image alone conveys what a want.

I’ve always felt a connection to the common rat, rats being one of my favorite animals. Most people see them as pests, ugly little creatures that infest people’s homes and businesses. While they do tend to make themselves comfortable in places they shouldn’t be, there is more to them than chewing through drywall. They are quite social and intelligent creatures, needing companionship and mental stimulation when kept as pets. Domestic rats have been a staple of research in part due to their intelligence and willingness to complete simple tasks.

As a kid I was often mocked for my weight and just general awkwardness. I didn’t really know how to socialize that well with other kids and tried to make myself as small as possible to avoid the other kids. However I was a bit of a teachers pet. I was eager to please anyone I could so happily did assignments given to me and went out of my way to please them with art or cool rocks I found outside at recess. The parallels between the common rat and a younger me draw themselves. Small, intelligent, misunderstood creatures. Found in places they feel like they don’t belong.

Luckily in high school I found a group I clicked with, and made friends willing to stand up for me. Generally now a days I find myself in places where I am warmly welcomed. Still, I see myself in these small misunderstood rodents.

(Image found on: I could not find any information on the photographer however, guessing from the age of the photo it now falls into public domain)

Sunday Sketch 1

I choose this photo as my avatar because it reminded me of the flowers that grow in Barbados. My family is from barbados and this flower is commonly found growing on the side of the road and in peoples gardens. I chose this flower in particular because it is a really beautiful color. This flower reminds me of home and the many different people who have been a part of my life. Creating this badge was difficult for me because I found it hard to find picture that I related to. But this badge represents my past experiences and the people in my life who have made me who I am as a person.