The Secret Language of Comics

Sketch 12: Assemblies

For my assembly, I wanted to draw a rocket to how how everything built up in this class so that it could reach space. I think that the foundation of the rocket is the digital citizenship aspect of the class regarding fair use of images as well as being able to learn to use wordpress. Second is visual thinking, it was learned through assignments like the triptych, quadriptych, and Annotating Stitches and Spinning. Writing as a Process was learned through the Literacy Narrative Project . Critical Thinking and Reading Resulting in Writing was shown through my Sunday Sketches because of how each one is based on another author’s and being able to put my own twist on it. Last but not least, rhetorical composition was shown through my literacy narrative part 2 and my halfa kucha.

Sketch 11: Recreate a movie scene

The House From 'Pulp Fiction' Is up for Sale | HYPEBEAST

For this week’s sunday sketch I decided to do this scene in Pulp Fiction where they talk about how gourmet their coffee is. I put a suit and framed it so that I could recreate Vincent Vega in the scene. I used a mug I got from a Emory giveaway and a suit that I brought here to recreate the character. Unfortunately, I couldn’t recreate. the mullet.

Sketch 8: Data Viz From Everyday Life

Over the course of this data collection, I wanted to begin to answer how much my schoolwork and life habits affect my overall “satisfaction”/happiness between the morning and the end of the night. I am able to conclude that my mood on Tuesdays and Thursdays are worse than other days of the week because most of my classes are on those days and most of my responsibilities are also on that day. (club meetings, internship meetings, homework due). There is a big drop between april 2nd and the third because I tested positive for COVID and had to go to the hotel for isolation. I dont think I am fully able to answer that question with these data points but it does give me an idea of how my daily habits and the weather affects my mood. To make sure I was able to make accurate measurements of my mood/satisfaction, I set aside 2 minutes to clear my mind before I do my ratings so that I can make a more accurate reflection of my personal mood. These visualizations really showed me that I need to be more careful on tuesdays and thursdays to avoid being burnt out. I think this was a valuable tool for self analysis if I added more variables towards my survey

Sketch 7: Quadriptych

This comic was inspired by the rest days the university had decided to put in place to ease the marathon of a spring semester. I chose to draw a stick figure instead of using a picture like my Triptych to switch it up and give it a more “personal” and “amateur” feel. I used a text box to match the screenshots I took from official emory communications about rest days. I think this type of comic strip was easier for me to make because I am more used to the 4 panel comic structure I see a lot on instagram, facebook, and reddit. I think the added panel allowed me to have more space to develop a story which was much harder in the three panel. I used the middle part to develop the bandaid type solution that the college had provided. I chose to tell this story because it was all I had been thinking about all week.

Tracing Stitches and Spinning Reflection

The thesis of my inductive essay is as a result of Walden being directly influenced by Stitches causes them to have similarities in choices made by the authors in pages.

During the process of tracing Stitches and Spinning. During the stage of looking for pages i found compelling in the books, I had to carefully examine and look for pages that I thought were compelling to me. At first, I thought about using the pages where the climaxes of the comics occur. In Stitches that was when David’s therapist told him that his mother didn’t love him and in Spinning I think it was when Tillie decided to end her skating career by telling her mother. During the tracing, some thoughts that occured in my head were mostly related under fascination that there is actually so much meaning in every page that there are a lot of choices the authors had to go through to create every page.

This new way to structure an essay took some getting used to but I still approached it in a way where I first write notes on another document and then put in a order in which I want to present it.

I feel like after this assignment it has definitely helped me understand the series of choices the authors made that I wouldn’t have noticed without the knowledge I gained in this class. I do think that the added degree of being able to identify the less obvious stylistic elements in the two books has helped me understand them better. The single biggest insight I’ve gained during this assignment was to be able to look at comics in the frame of a “page” instead individual panels. I found out that there is, more often than not, meaning behind everything.



Sketch 6: What’s in your bag?

Name: Martin H.

Occupation: Student at Emory

Contents: Macbook Pro, Wallet, Drivers License, Credit Card, Debit Card, Trident Gum, Disposable Film Camera, Airpods, Keys, Cat Keychain, Hand Sanitizer, TI-84, Macbook Charger, Lightning to usb-c cord, Macbook HDMI-USB-USB-C Dongle, iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, Herschel Supply Backpack, and a Banana for scale.

I’m not sure how to explain it but I feel like this is very representative of me as a person. Part of it is also due the fact that I can recognize that this are my belongings. Some choices I had to make are how to place everything and whether or not I should stack things on each other. I didn’t find this assignment too challenging. I think representing yourself in a catalog of the stuff in your bag is a type of writing because how someone formats their description can show how one carries themselves.

Sunday Sketch #5 – Triptych

I found this image off Pinterest.

This week’s Sunday Sketch was inspired by last class’s discussion on gaslighting. I tried to emulate the same set up and delivery Emily and Joey do in In a Softer World. I spent about 30 minutes going through the archive because I really liked the way they made every strip. For my strip, I wanted to make it a conversation someone may overhear when walking past a couple arguing at a subway station. For the dialogue, I tried to make it ironic that the “manipulator” was gaslighting his girlfriend when being confronted about doing that exact thing. During the composition, I was making it on the GoodNotes app on my Ipad but then I decided to make it on Google Slides because it has indicators that made it easier to “even” out the placements of the lines I used to divide the image in three and place the dialogue text boxes in a uniform way. The most challenging part of this sketch was trying to write a dialogue for it that interesting. My process when making this comic was fundamentally different than when I made my other comics because I felt like I had a more creative inspiration from In a Softer World.

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Sunday Sketch #4- Visual Note Taking

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For my visual note-taking exercise, I chose to reformat a section of my Continued Writing Course “Thinking with Fungi”. During the section, I wanted to really try to use flowcharts drawings, and non-conventional word placements to create a page that would help me “take-in” the material easier. I am more of a visual learning and I think that this helped in a way that I had the freedom to group things however I want as opposed to the “vertical” organizational structure of notes inside of a document would be like. Before doing this assignment, I had a process of thinking about a rough idea of how I wanted to organize the ideas and what kind of images/graphs I wanted to put inside of it. I found it enjoyable because I was just exposing myself again to the material I had just learned, and I was able to do some drawing of the fungi and plants. However, I think that I would not do this regularly because it took up more time and it takes more effort to hand write out notes that I have already typed, and this was for a writing class which would make it hard for me to organize the notes if I were to write an essay using points from the notes.

Its that time of the year..

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So today was Chinese New Year and this will be the first time I will have spent it without my family. One of my favourite things about CNY was the “red pockets” which is a custom where money is given inside a red envelope and exchanged as gifts during the festivities. In my combophoto, I combined a picture of a chinese red pocket with a Canadian $50 bill which is also red. I guess this says something about my unique Chinese-Canadian background that I am proud of.