Literary Narrative Reflection

Spoiler Alert!: Screenplay of the ending of Inception by Christopher Nolan

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I think this exercise, as cheesy as it sounds, made me realize new things about my writing style. Moreover, I think I gained insight in what kind of “learner” I am. I have realized that I have been more of a visual learner since my early years. My X-pages activity is full of many experiences of me discovering writing. After writing all of it down, it was suddenly very clear that the thing that they all have in common are that I have been inspired by experiences that involve world-building and the visual mediums.

My writing process for this narrative started by identifying the major “eras” where my attitude towards writing has changed. I mainly focused on elaborating on certain events with as much description as I can and adding my own analytical comments reflecting on those experiences. It was strange to do the freewriting exercises at first because I felt almost guilty with the amount of freedom I had with with the assignment. The free writing activity influenced the essay I eventually wrote because when I started writing the essay, I remembered to enter the mindset that I had while doing the x-pages assignments.

I think a reader would think that my statement about how the 5 paragraph essay makes us nearly identical “clones” in english class would be interesting. They may find that when they remember the times when they have read a peer’s essay on an assignment that the only differences are often word choice and order of arguments made.

Side note: I am really liking the “blog” format of many of our assignments because it feels less claustrophobic.

What’s Up With the Sun??

Sunday, Feb 7 2021

I spent around a good 20 minutes deciding on what I wanted to do for this week’s Sunday Sketch. I went through many drafts where I experimented with a tabasco bottle, a pair of earphones, and a pack of gum. Eventually, I settled on the metal ball inside my blender bottle.There were many angles to look at the twisted metal ball and I decided that it reminded me of a planet. I first thought of making it Saturn, but I liked the idea of drawing all of the major celestial bodies inside our solar system and making the metal ball the “sun”. In the end, I enjoyed this week’s sketch because it made me look at the objects around me and think about how to incorporate it with drawings.

sunday sketch 1

Happy Friday. I chose this image as my avatar for sunday sketch 1. This is a picture of a raccoon at a local park back home in Vancouver. Honestly I like raccoons, they are pretty cute animals and are very intelligent. There is a family of raccoons that lives in my neighbourhood and I always see them walking across the streets when I walk my dog at night. In a way this badge represents my love for nature and animals. While creating this badge, I had problems finding a image on flickr that I thought was unique and liked. If I think of a name maybe I’ll name him..