The Secret Language of Comics

Sketch 12: Assemblies

For my assembly, I wanted to draw a rocket to how how everything built up in this class so that it could reach space. I think that the foundation of the rocket is the digital citizenship aspect of the class regarding fair use of images as well as being able to learn to use wordpress. Second is visual thinking, it was learned through assignments like the triptych, quadriptych, and Annotating Stitches and Spinning. Writing as a Process was learned through the Literacy Narrative Project . Critical Thinking and Reading Resulting in Writing was shown through my Sunday Sketches because of how each one is based on another author’s and being able to put my own twist on it. Last but not least, rhetorical composition was shown through my literacy narrative part 2 and my halfa kucha.

Sunday Sketch 11 – Assemblies

For my last Sunday Sketch assignment, I chose to draw a tower to show the learning objectives that I have learned in this class. The bottom of the tower is composed of digital citizenship, since using technology appropriately is the most basic and important part to be engaged in the online class via zoom. Rhetorical composition is on the top, because all other objectives are the strategies that are needed for the rhetorical composition. I could compose texts in multiple genres by fulfilling writing as process, critical thinking, and visual thinking.

Sketch 12: Assemblies

Due: 12/8

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For some unknown reason, the National Archives includes a document entitled Cocktail Construction Chart, which was created by the US Forest Service in 1974, showing recipes for a group of cocktails represented in the style of an architectural diagram.

For this week’s sketch, think about the work you’ve completed in this class and your own learning and thinking processes — then break all that down into component parts, represented in some sort of an architectural diagram like this one. I’m less interested in the quality of the drawing itself and more in your analytical ability to break down something complicated into a series of steps and to represent that as if in such a diagram.

Creating this diagram should be a key step towards completing your portfolio reflection letter (and I will encourage you to use the diagram as a key image in that letter). If you think about what you have learned this semester about yourself as a writer and reader, how can you represent that understanding as a single diagram, and how do the various pieces of writing you have done fit into that diagram to construct your vision?