The Secret Language of Comics

Flower Arrangement Writing

My Writing as a Flower Arrangement

I decided to represent what I have learned this semester about myself as a writer and reader as a flower arrangment. The various types of assignments and the pieces of writing I have done this semester have helped me obtain new insight into my poor writing process and gain tips for how to improve my writing. I labeled some of the different flowers as different tips I gained from my different assignments; I realized the importance of doing multiple drafts through sketching multiple page possibilities for my literacy narrative comic, I also became aware of importance to directly state my thesis so the importance of my story is conveyed to my audience—who can possibly relate—and by knowing my purpose I can figure out how to best organize my argument and transition properly between my ideas.

Sketch 12: Assemblies

Due: 12/8

Tag: sk12

For some unknown reason, the National Archives includes a document entitled Cocktail Construction Chart, which was created by the US Forest Service in 1974, showing recipes for a group of cocktails represented in the style of an architectural diagram.

For this week’s sketch, think about the work you’ve completed in this class and your own learning and thinking processes — then break all that down into component parts, represented in some sort of an architectural diagram like this one. I’m less interested in the quality of the drawing itself and more in your analytical ability to break down something complicated into a series of steps and to represent that as if in such a diagram.

Creating this diagram should be a key step towards completing your portfolio reflection letter (and I will encourage you to use the diagram as a key image in that letter). If you think about what you have learned this semester about yourself as a writer and reader, how can you represent that understanding as a single diagram, and how do the various pieces of writing you have done fit into that diagram to construct your vision?