Recreate Movie Scene

I wasn’t sure which movie scene I wanted to recreate. Literally 30 minutes before writing this reflection, I came up with the idea to recreate this scene from KIll Bill Vol 1. I already had a bright yellow sweater, black pants, and a cardboard katana. The katana is from a theatre project from 11th grade that was collecting dust behind on my bookshelves. I finally put it to good use. I wanted to focus on the pose more than anything else. Also, I didn’t have any other props that I could add. I actually watched Kill Bill for the first time this semester. In this particular scene [ spoilers ahead ], the bride is ready to chop down the Crazy 88 gang in Japan at the House of Blue Leaves. She is on a killing strike for revenge for what to her in the beginning of the movie. This scene is very gorey but so iconic.

Halfa Kucha

In high school, I did quite of few of presentations, and I was in theatre for 3 semester. I still get the jitters before doing something in front of a crowd, and I am fairly confident in my presentation skills. Before working on the Halfa Kucha, it thought that it would be easy to an extent because I already had an idea of what I wanted to say and present. While working on it, I went through the graphic novels looking for panels that are relevant to my vague idea then I constructed my argument. Looking back, I wished that I constructed my argument first then pick out panels. That way I can focus more on the argument and not get lost in which panels I should put in the presentation. I wasted a lot of time picking the right panels. As for the argument, I wanted to put more into it, but the time restraint held me back. Which is good for this type of assignment, it would be harder to stray off path, and I focused more on the important stuff. I liked not having to create an introduction for the presentation, describing the plot. I could just get right into it. If I were to implement that into analytical writing, I would focus on the body and then right the introduction and conclusion.

For the panels on the presentation, I wanted to focus more on what is drawn on the panel rather than the text. For Teddy’s slides, I cut out the frames where he facial expression was showing. In Sabrina, the facial expressions are kinda bland. However, there are the few times where it more realistic features to it.

Whenever I give presentations, I try not to be that one person who just reads off the slides. This assignment made sure that you won’t read off the slides. I also did not need to worry about typing my argument out; I could just say it. With the slides moving automatically, I had to make sure what I said was relevant with each slide, and I had a limited time to say it which was nerve racking. Towards the end of the presentation, I kinda went off in a tangent and was not able to say what I wanted too. Remembrance and reconnection can happen at the same time. But why? who knows because I couldn’t finish. From my fellow students’ presentation, I would try to slow down myself down and have flashcards to keep myself on track. As for future presentations in general, I would try to put less on the slides and just talk about it.

Wendy Xu Workshop

Overall, I really liked the workshop. Wendy was sociable and nice. Before the workshop, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was surprised to how down-to-earth and relatable she was. I really enjoyed her vibe. We started off with an exercise where we created a four panel sketch, similar to what we have already done in class. The focus for this exercise was to talk about “gutters” in comics ( aka time in between the panels ). Wendy chose to depict a bird hatching from an egg where the amount of time in between each panel was different. The example did a good job in explaining the concept. Afterwards, she showed us a few of her comic panels and her thoughts will making them. We moved on to Q&A then another exercise. This exercise was focused on using your imagination to its fullest extent. We drew four frames and within those frames we had to make a scribble. From the scribble, we had five minutes to make a monster out of the line. I personally am a fan of my creation. I haven’t read her comic “Mooncake”, yet but it is definitely on my to read list.

Data Viz

For this Sunday Sketch, I focused on the number of assignments, hours spent on my phone, level of satisfaction of my day, quality of sleep, and hours spent doing something I like. I wanted to see how I spent my day and if I was satisfied with my productivity. I wanted to see the things I do unconsciously and what effect it has on my life. I have wanted for the longest time to evaluate if I am productive in my day and how I can implement healthy habits. Especially with the quarantine, I have been given so much time to figure out my workflow, and I have realized a few things. However, I have not taken out the time to do something like this assignment wanted me to do.

The weeks I chose to visual was the week after “rest” week and midterm week. I am not sure why, but after rest week, the first few days I was not getting quality sleep. I thrive off of sleeping. If I don’t sleep enough or have quality sleeps, it shows at least to me. At least, I was able to get somewhat quality during midterms. Before looking at the data visualized, I expected for the number of assignments and hours spent on my phone to be on opposite spectrums. It pretty much is except on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On those days, I have 3 classes, and it is the busiest days of the week. It is not what I was expected. For the first week, I was pretty satisfied with my days, and during midterms there is a little correlation with hours spent on phone and level of satisfaction. The more I am on my phone, the more satisfied I am. That makes sense but I am procrastinating more. Another variable is the hours I spent doing something I liked. I focused more on how much Netflix or Youtube I watch. Those are not the only things I like doing for myself, but they were easily measurable. I’m not surprised with the results for the things I like doing. Overall, I was not so shocked with this graph. It is nice to see this information is another perspective.

I liked the idea of this assignment, and I think I will try this out one more time. If I do it again, I want to focus on how I am feeling during different parts of the day. Focus more on my emotions rather than productivity. Afterwards, I could compare and really see how I am doing. Maybe, I could find out about certain things that stress me out without realizing. This method is a pretty cool way of self-analysis.

Lit Nav. Pt. 3 Reflection

Link to Pt.3

Compared to the part one, this narrative is very to the point. In the first essay, I mentioned other events that experienced my way of writing and reading, but they don’t have the same impact as the ones in this essay. Because of the comic coming in between the essays, it made me reevaluate which events are truly necessary to the essay and which ones I can leave aside. The comic really made me look at things in a different way. I would be like “would I draw that in my comic” to figure out if I should include something. I do have to say that I revised my very first essay after visiting the writing center. The writing center advised me to write as though I am playing Minecraft which was an amazing idea. That helped me bring everything together. As each assignment passed, the story got more concise.

Overall, this whole process was fun and out of the box. I enjoyed playing with different elements. Out of all 3 parts, I loved creating the comic the most. It was interesting putting words into drawing to make a story.

Literacy Narrative Pt. 2 Reflection

Link to Comic

Making an alphabetic essay to a comic was very interesting and fun. Before I started working on the comic, I went to the writing center and rewrote the essay, keeping in mind this will turn into a comic. I had mental images of what I wanted to draw while I was reworking my essay. The rewriting process prepared me when it came time to draw a comic because I already had a vague idea what certain panels will look like. 

Before the drawing process, I had to think about what I wanted to include in the pages and how the story builds on. I had to think about my essay in a board way then add more details. The rough sketch of the comic really helped because I was able to mess with how I wanted to format everything. Beforehand, I was able to visually think how the story should progress and what scenes are important. We mentioned something in class about structure and how making a comic provides more structure than the aplahbetic essay. I totally agree because I tried to focus on how each thing will add to another and how to make things cohesive. I had to leave out a couple of things from the alphabetic essay because I wanted the comic to be short and sweet. Straight to the point. When I would read through my essay to see how I wanted to draw it, I would have a perfect picture in my mind, and it was harder than I thought drawing it out. I think that goes with any type of drawing, but it was my first time using a digital software to draw something a little more intricate. 

For my text, I chose to handwrite it rather than have a text box. The handwriting was so the comic can be more authentic in a way, and it was also easier. Overall, I wanted the comic to be authentic and not be like the frames in “Sabrina.” It also allowed for there to be more of me in the comic. Not only is my story in the comic but also my unique handwriting. This is my first comic, so there is bound to be rustic, in a way. If I knew what I was doing, I would’ve focused on the art itself and making it more realistic. More backgrounds and details. Even without the addition, I think I was able to put enough in that the comic does not feel incomplete. I also tried to incorporate different perspectives in the comic, but it kinda just felt right. Especially with the three frames of the book falling from the sky, the change in perspective, to me at least, was humorous. Hopeful, others think the same way. 

I enjoyed creating the comic and thinking of different ways to present an idea. This assignment kinda inspired me to maybe in the future make more comics. We will see if that ever happens. Lol. 

It’s too late for this.

The comic is about a student who is minding their business and realizes that their laptop and analog clock don’t match up. I didn’t know the time changed until this morning, and I was so disoriented because of it. I was trying to figure out if we lost an hour or gain one for like 5 minutes. My brain was not functioning today.

In the brainstorming process, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to draw, so I kept on starting something then erasing it. I kept on doing that for like 5 times, so I changed drawing platforms. Finally, I figured out a concept that I liked. I really wanted to portray a student who was so tired that they overlooked the time change and thought something was wrong with them. I thought the story would be funny ,and others will be able to connect to it as well. I liked doing the triptych comic better than this one. I think the extra frame made it harder for me to come up for a longer plot. The layout of the panels didn’t hinder me much.

Tracing Pages Reflection

Assignment link here.
Essay link here

Reflection timeeeeee

Thesis: In “Stitches” and “Spinning,” the different uses of gutters and perspectives support each other to show the character development of the main character in the frame while they are in the presence of another character. Both authors use the same technique but in different ways to portray their narratives.

While tracing the panels, I was mainly thinking about art style, and how they drew the panels. I enjoyed doing it because I felt productive but not at the same time. After tracing the pages, I couldn’t find things that I could analyze, but I went back to the chart with all the elements of a comic. Looking at each column, I was able to find at least one thing to annotate or note. I really just had to not overthink it and just *look*. It was fun realizing similarities and differences in between the two pages.

As for the essay style, I was looking forward to writing it. When I write the usual 5 paragraph deductive essays, I find a better way to present the essay near the end after I discussed the thesis. When I write an essay, I have a good grasp about the parts but not how they connect as a whole. Inductive writing would make sense for me because I can really present the main part of the essay after I discuss the evidence. I would need to compare deductive and inductive essays to truly see which one I like better. I also had to limit myself to not reveal the thesis in the early sections because you usually had to connect it back to the thesis while writing about the evidence.

As for the secret language of comics, I think it helps me to watch out for certain elements of the comic and bring it into a boarder context of the story. I only annotated one page per comic, but if I spent time in analyzing more pages, I would be able to get a better grasp of the comics. I learned that I had to compare frames to see certain things like with “Spinning” I didn’t realize the changed background in between panels. I totally overlooked it at first.

What’s in my bag?!

  1. My Wallet
  2. Carmex
  3. A Wrist Brace
  4. Car Keys with pepper spray and a Rock Lee keychain
  5. A Pouch with Masks
  6. Nametag for work
  7. Boxcutter also for work
  8. Random change
  9. Sharpie
  10. Retainer Case

My cousins actually got me this black elephant bag from Claires years ago. I have used it on and off, but now it’s my go to bag because I can be kinda rough with it. I always keep it on the floor of my room and if I need to go anywhere I can just grab it and go. As for the contents, a wallet is very necessary because it has my money and license. Though I never go out specially to shop or go get necessities, I only leave my house is to go to work. There are a few reasons for that. First, I kinda live in the middle of nowhere, so to go to Walmart or work I have to drive 30+mins. With the pandemic, my dad was the assigned person to get groceries, and it’s still like that. On to the next item, I always have chapped lips, so I make to have some sort of lip balm around me. The wrist brace is for when I work. I think it is pretty obvious to figure out where I work. Chick-Fil-A. I bought the wrist brace to wear when I am taking orders on IPads because the IPads are heavy and very uncomfortable to hold. I got weak wrists :(. The nametag, boxcutter, and sharpie are also for work. Next is my car keys which I love because of the Rock Lee ( a Naruto character ) on it and bells on it that you can’t see that well in the photo. The bells are very convenient when I need to make sure I have my keys inside the black abyss of my bag. I can just shake the bag to hear the bells. The dotted pouch as an assortment of mask though I usually wear the mask from my CFA uniform. The last item is my retainer case. I always keep that on me even though I can go without wearing my retainer for 10 hours per day. Speaking of that, I need to schedule an orthodontist appointment.

Looking back at before the pandemic, I had everything in my backpack and more things. I like to be prepared and more. I usually had a mini first aid kit in my backpack with extra hair ties and whatnot. I also have extra things in my car as well like a blanket, small pillow, towels, hairbrush, jacket, and masks. I find comfort in have a lot of things that I know will be useful for me or others in the future. I think that my bag and its contents represent the pandemic version of me. To be honest, I just shove things in the bag and have to rummage through it all for a while to find what I need. It’s an organized chaos which I think describes me perfectly.