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Spongebob “I Had an Accident” Episode Screencap
Me sitting with penny, chip, and used napkin

For this Sunday sketch, I had trouble deciding what movie or show scene to recreate—mainly because for some reason I can never instantaneously recall non-animated movies I’ve watched and that would’ve been “easier” to recreate. However, while going through my reaction pictures as I made a tweet, I got the inspiration. I save an unnecessarily big amount of memes/reaction pictures and some of my favorite are Spongebob screencaps. I religiously watched Spongebob back in elementary and I will admit I know the “Indoors” song from this scene word for word. Obviously, it’s an animated show but I gathered up the most important aspects that allow me to recreate this scene as accurately as possible: penny, chip, and used napkin.

Hot Titanic

The scene I chose is obviously the iconic scene from Titanic. My friend and I were on a boat and I figured it would be the perfect time to create the iconic scene for this assignment. Titanic is one of my favorite movies as I watch it with my family a lot. Because of that, it was easy to decide which movie to do and when I was on the boat with my friend. We instantly took that picture and it is one of my favorites. I know the scene from the movie is from a different angle, but I still thought it was worth it to use this picture. It can be taken with a grain of salt as it would be incredibly hard to take that picture unprofessionally.

sk9 – Charlie Finds a Golden Ticket

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory's golden ticket is up for auction | Films  | Entertainment |

When I was younger, I acted as Charlie from Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory in my middle school play. When deciding which scene I should recreate, I thought about this impactful scene. I enjoyed watching the movie when I was younger and still think it is well made and displays important life lessons. I had fun attempting to recreate this scene and Charlie’s look of genuine astonishment and joy.

Scene Recreations

I decided to recreate the Life of Pi scene with some toys around room. I’ve always had a fondness for little toys and knickknacks so it was fun setting them up for this. I also had a similar assignment about a year ago which I decided to share just for fun. It was fun working with my lovely model Allie and if I was back home I’m sure she would of…”volunteered” for this assignment as well.

Sketch 11: Recreate a movie scene

The House From 'Pulp Fiction' Is up for Sale | HYPEBEAST

For this week’s sunday sketch I decided to do this scene in Pulp Fiction where they talk about how gourmet their coffee is. I put a suit and framed it so that I could recreate Vincent Vega in the scene. I used a mug I got from a Emory giveaway and a suit that I brought here to recreate the character. Unfortunately, I couldn’t recreate. the mullet.

Lucius Fox Setup

For my Sunday Sketch I decided to recreate a scene from the Dark Knight where Lucius Fox is in front of his giant computer with many screens helping out Batman. I got this idea because my friends often call my computer set up in my room the “Lucius Fox setup” so I thought it would be fitting to recreate this scene. Unfortunately I do not have as many screens as Lucius Fox so instead I tiled many pictures of blue security camera footage across my monitor to make it appear like I have that many screens. Unfortunately my dress shirt is in the wash, so instead I made a substitute for a blue jacket. While the angle and posture is not 100% the same, I made slight adjustments because if I took the movie’s angle, and Morgan Freeman’s you would see my wall instead of the monitor which I think is the main focal point of this scene.

Recreate Movie Scene

I wasn’t sure which movie scene I wanted to recreate. Literally 30 minutes before writing this reflection, I came up with the idea to recreate this scene from KIll Bill Vol 1. I already had a bright yellow sweater, black pants, and a cardboard katana. The katana is from a theatre project from 11th grade that was collecting dust behind on my bookshelves. I finally put it to good use. I wanted to focus on the pose more than anything else. Also, I didn’t have any other props that I could add. I actually watched Kill Bill for the first time this semester. In this particular scene [ spoilers ahead ], the bride is ready to chop down the Crazy 88 gang in Japan at the House of Blue Leaves. She is on a killing strike for revenge for what to her in the beginning of the movie. This scene is very gorey but so iconic.

Sketch 9: Breakfast at Tiffany’s Recreated

Original Image Source:

I decided to recreate the opening scene of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. In the scene, Holly Golightly is standing in front of a Tiffany’s store display window in NYC with her morning coffee and breakfast. This is one of my favorite classic movies and as I brainstormed for ideas, I knew I recognized that I had props and wardrobe that would fit the scene. Although I didn’t have the exact outfit, I think my substitution works well, except it would have been even better with gloves and actual pearls. I’m really proud of my attempt at recreating her hairstyle with a scarf; it looks better than I envisioned. I also didn’t have exact props (coffee cup, paper bag, and pastry) but the ones I used get the point across. The only thing my recreation doesn’t portray is the glass window she’s looking into and the storefront background. My facial expression is neutral like hers, however she has a longing look because she really wants the jewelry inside and the status that comes with it. I struggled to portray that look of yearning and wishing.

Casino Royale?

For this sketch assignment, I have decided to re-create the iconic poker scene from casino royale. Having watched the movie a few times, I still get excited when James Bond reveals his straight flush, which very rarely happens.

The original scene from the movie Casino Royale, when James Bond flipped over his 5 and 7 of spades.

Here is my version of this scene, which I re-created using a deck of cards and my poker chips. I do not have the black and red chips they used in the movie, so I used black ones instead. I also could not position my hand correctly, so those are the only major differences.

Sunday Sketch 9

In order to figure out what scene to replicate for this sketch, I thought of movies. that I have seen recently. One of which was Superbad, which is a comedy about high school students trying to get into a party. One of my favorite moments of the movie was when Fogel was fake being arrested by the police. This is the scene that I tried to replicate here. In the scene, he was wearing a white shirt and black pants, which I had in my wardrobe. Besides the outfit, the other critical part of this picture was finding people to serve as the police. Luckily, my friends were available and served as the cops. As seen above, they are restraining me by holding my arms, which is accurate to the scene.