The Secret Language of Comics

What’s In My Bag?

In my backpack, there are eight items that I carry around with me. I counted the seven pens/highlighters as one item because they serve the same purpose. In the top right of the photo is a blue portfolio binder. I do not like using the generic binders because they are bulky and easily break. The portfolio binder keeps my class work and notes organized. This displays some sense of personality for me since I do like to be somewhat organized. I have a laptop as well, and it is the most important item I own because it is the tool for all my academics. The pens and highlighters are for note-taking, and I like to use various colored pens when taking notes to keep the notes organized and easy to read. Whenever I feel like reading, I would take a few minutes to read the “Self-Realization” book that is shown in the bottom left of the picture. There really is no explanation to the choice of book, a person I encountered at the airport gave it to me. Such a random book, yet I have learned a lot and it has been eye-opening. I have two chargers, one for my laptop and the other for my phone. My phone is always somehow on low-battery so I need to bring a phone charger everywhere I go. I also bring a pair of blue-light glasses with me. To be honest, I have reaped no observable benefits from the glasses but they look cool so I wear them anyways. Lastly, is a water bottle because I always stay hydrated no matter what.

The image of all the items in my bag is representative of certain aspects about me, but not representative of my personality as a whole. From the sheer lack of items in my bag, it illustrates the minimalistic side of me and that I tend to only bring and have things that I deem necessary. The portfolio binder reveals my liking of being organized. Lastly, the book, “Self-Realization”, about Krishna consciousness, displays open-mindedness and the sake of learning new things. When I took out my items from my bag to take a picture, I debated whether or not to include the “Self-Realization” book in there. I was slightly insecure about what others would think of me reading such an unusual topic that I feel like is not really covered in current society. Representing myself in a catalog of the stuff in my bag is a type of writing because it involves analyzing the items in my bag and how they reflect upon me as a person. Similar in reading a passage, analyzing the passage, and then writing about your analysis of the passage, representing yourself in a catalog of the stuff in your bag is also a type of writing.

Whats in my Bag?

My Bag is filled with a lot of random stuff. From pens to Siracha, my backpack carries really anything I need. I don’t use my backpack a lot which can explain why it seems to serve as a storage drawer rather than my academic backpack. That being said, I feel as if the backpack, in a way, reflects who I am. It is random yet useful and somehow manages to get the job done. I believe I am random yet still manage to complete what I need to get done. When creating the image, I thought the best layout was backpack in middle and all of its contents surrounding it. I also poured the contents out so thats why the bigger, heavier items are on the top. I believe this is not a form of writing, but an accurate way of seeing who a person is. For example, one can probably assume I am not organized based on the single picture above. Then again, they can also assume I am a hard worker based on the variety of pens and highlighters above.

Sketch 6: What’s in your bag?

Contents: A calculator, Macbook Pro, 2 black pens, spiral notebook, computer charger, and a USB-C Iphone charger.

I think this image partially represents me. Currently, I do not have any in person classes and majority of my work is online. I do not need to carry around notebooks or papers for each class because my notes, submissions and readings are all accessible from my computer. At a glance, I would assume this is a minimalist backpack with only essentials. As I grew up, my backpack was always filled with books and was very heavy. I try to pack as lightly as possible now so my backpack does not become a hassle when I am going from place to place. My brother received the backpack from one of his past jobs and gave it to me.

Sunday Sketch 6 – What’s in your bag?

  • Tory Burch Women’s Piper Small Zip Backpack: I bought this backpack just because it was pretty, but now I am regretting it, because it does not have enough storage space.
  • iPad Air & Apple Pencil: I use my iPad instead of notebooks. The notes for every class I take are in my iPad.
  • MacBook Air & Kate Spade Laptop Sleeve: I bought this MacBook in my junior year of high school and it is the most important thing when I study since high school. The laptop sleeve protects my laptop from minor knocks and bumps.
  • Hair Ties: I tie my hair when I study or eat, so I always need to have it with me.
  • Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizer: To sanitize my hand when I am outside.
  • Tearin Free Eye Drops: When my eyes are dry.
  • Pencil case: I put pencils, pens, highlighters, white-out, and eraser in my pencil case, so I can use them when I need to write something. 
  • AirPods 2 & AirPods Pro: AirPods is needed when I want to listen to music or watch videos. I bring two of them, since I often forget to charge those.
  • Jo Malone Wild Bluebell Perfume: I just love perfume.
  • Casio Scientific Calculator: For my Chemistry class.
  • Sticky Notes: I often forgot what to do, so I write it down on sticky notes and put them on my laptop or the wall.

I feel like this image is very representative of me, because I do not carry anything unnecessary and always want to keep my backpack as light as I can. I tried to organize things in a square shape to make them look neater. I feel like this was the easiest Sunday Sketch that I had, since I only needed to explain what are in my backpack. Representing myself in a catalog of the stuff in my bag is a type of writing, since it reflects who I am as a person.

What’s in my bag?

This image represents me as a person very well. I am a very minimal and concise person and I hate making things more complicated than they actually are. This is shown very well in the image above as all the items in my bag are necessary to me in my every-day life. I do not carry around useless items as they add more weight in my bag, and I try my best to prevent accidents from happening that require additional items that are not always in my bag. The challenging aspect about this assignment is that I do not carry around a backpack with me every day. Most of the time I study in my own room, so there is no purpose packing a bag every morning. Therefore, I thought about what I would bring on a regular college school day, attending all my classes in person. I think representing myself in a catalog of the stuff in my bag can be considered a type of writing, but more towards the visual side. A person can be represented by the items in his/her bag, and the viewer of the image can imagine or assume certain things about the person just by looking at certain items. The process of interpreting the items in someone’s bag is similar to the process of reading a book and interpreting the meaning behind certain plots.

What’s in my bag?

In my bag I have a Surface Pro 7, laptop charger, iPhone charger, sunglasses, regular glasses, a Ti-84 calculator, earbuds, earplugs, pencil case and my key. I try to go paperless, which is why I carry a Surface Pro with me because it doubles as both a tablet and a laptop, and it is light too. However, not everyone is paperless, so I carry a pencil case with me in case I need to write things physically down. Earbuds are essential in our Zoom environment, though I don’t know why I carry earplugs with me… I carry sunglasses, because Atlanta is sunny sometimes, and then I need glasses because I am near sighted in my left eye.

I think the things in my bag represent me because the items are very practical, but also very organized. The laptop has its own case within the bag, the chargers are in a black drawstring bag in the backpack, my earbuds are in their case, my glasses are in their case, and my stationery is in my pencil case. All of these mini-compartments are then housed within the large bag, making it very organized. Even the spacing of the items on my bed is very compartmental.

What’s in my bag?

What I carry around with me at home

Since I’m doing classes from home this semester I put away my backpack but this is usually what I have at my desk on a daily basis or when I feel like doing work in the living room, I carry it over with me.

  1. 5-Subject journal: I used this last semester—not much—so I’m continuing to use it this semester to take notes for some of my classes such as psych, anthropology, and some annotations while I read the comics for this class.
  2. Bullet journal (bujo): I started creating my own bujo sophomore year of high school when I found out about them through my friend, and have continued since. Last semester, however, I only made a spread for the first week of school then I felt so unmotivated that I switched to a store-bought planner my sister had gifted me for my birthday earlier in the year, so this journal still had more than enough pages for me to actually use it consistently this semester. Not only does it help me be aware of deadlines and stay on track—in addition to an excel masterlist calendar which isn’t as detailed either way—every week, but it’s also very rewarding for me crossing off completed tasks.
  3. Pencil case: My handy-dandy pencil case which I’ve had since sophomore year of high school—I wanted to feel like my school life was in order sophomore year. In the picture you can only see the “front half” but you can flip over the middle flap to see the “back half”. It holds my pencil, mildliners, gel pens, micron pens, my 2 tombow fudenosuke pens—which are actually dried out, I need to replace them :(—some additional highlighters, markers I use for my bujo’s accent colors, my white-out tape, and some sticky notes.
  4. Vaseline: I suffer from chapped lips all the time and I’d always buy chapsticks—also always lose them—until I read somewhere that chapstick isn’t really as effective as they’re supposed to be. I don’t know if it was chapstick that would just encourage it to be an endless loop of me constantly licking my lips and making them more chapped or if it was just a bad habit of mine sort of thing, but I made the switch to vaseline and it works so much better for me. I bought this mini version from Walmart; there was an even minier and cuter version but this seemed like it would last longer and still be easy to carry. Although it is way bigger than thin little chapsticks, I recently did manage to lose it for a couple of days. Oops.
  5. Airpods: If I’m not in class and not doing homework that requires me to listen to a video or any type of audio, I most likely have my airpods in listening to music.
  6. Laptop: With all my classes being virtual, this is essentially my top priority tool.
  7. Laptop charger: Can’t be letting my laptop die on me while I’m in class—it’s only happened once—or while I’m doing homework.
  8. 4-in-1 USB-C Hub: I use this adapter for multiple reasons; when I want to extend my laptop charger just a bit more, when I download music and want to transfer it to my phone, when I don’t have any other source of electricity to charge my phone—such as when the power went out a couple weeks ago—and also if I need to connect a flash drive or something.
  9. Phone charger: Although I am trying to get better at minimizing my unnecessary screentime, I still use my phone a lot, especially if I’m doing Japanese homework, and I need to consult Papago to check if my translations could make sense and also to scan my assigned workbook pages, so my phone needs to be charged.
  10. Genki textbook: My Japanese textbook which I use pretty much on a daily—during the two synchronous days that we do in-class practice and while I do asynchronous work—to look back on and check vocabulary or practice/study.
  11. Genki workbook: We get homework assigned and it’s due every Tuesday and Thursday; we often get at least 3 workbook pages assigned for each deadline. It’s probably due to me simply being slow and constantly looking back and forth through my notes, wanting to answer everything as “correctly” as I think it is based on my notes, but it will take me forever to complete 3 pages—ESPECIALLY if they’re kanji practice pages.
  12. JPN notes journal: I had this spare journal last year and was originally planning to use it as my bujo—once I finished up my current one—but last semester my Japanese professor would do short asynchronous lecture videos to explain the textbook grammar structures more concisely, so I decided to use it for notes instead. I didn’t finish it up last semester, so I continued to use it this semester, however I actually just used up the last page last week but it’s all good since I ordered some new ones ahead of time. I also use this a whole lot too along with the textbook—during in-class practice, while I do my homework, even for the quick review before my first test last week.

I would say it felt rather easy crafting a self-portrait through this photograph. Maybe not completely easy in terms of the composition—I could not have too many things or else it would be tough to capture everything the way I wanted to AND I had to figure out how to arrange the components to make my overall composition look balanced. Of course, not everything about me is included “in my bag”, but I believe what I display is pretty telling of the type of organized and responsible person I am—or at least try to be. Representing myself in a catalog of the stuff in my bag could be considered a type of writing, but maybe not so directly. The photograph could be considered like a sort of visual story-telling—the items symbolize what type of person I am or what I do—but it doesn’t become a form of writing until I physically type out descriptions.

What’s in my bag?

At school, I don’t usually carry a bag with me. I don’t have strong object permanence, so when I can attach something to myself (via pockets and lanyards), I do. But when I work I do tend to take a bag with me since I usually can’t tie a lot of stuff down to me while I’m on the sales floor. My work bag usually consists of:

  1. The bag itself, a 8 dollar EarthBound canvas tote. (Lots of space, cheap, compact)
  2. My lunch. (Food in the mall I work at is expensive, so I just get something on the way and save it)
  3. Whatever crochet project I am currently working on. (despite me not having time to crochet at work)
  4. Crochet hook (For said project I never work on)
  5. Yarn (Good for getting tangled in my bag)
  6. Scissors (For the crochet project but also just extremely useful in life.)
  7. Some trash I threw in there randomly (Because I couldn’t be bothered to find a can)

The picture in kinda cramped bc the only way to get good light in my room is to stuff all the contents in my small photo both. However, in a way I feel like this helps paint a better picture of myself. I am an extremely disorganized person, this messy cramped space helps to illustrate this.

What’s In My Bag

What’s in my bag:

  1. My calculator for calculations on the go!
  2. Another Mask to protect myself.
  3. My air pods to listen to music to avoid small talk with strangers.
  4. A snack because sometimes you get a little hungry.
  5. My computer and its charger to do school work.
  6. A pen.
  7. A water bottle because it is good to stay hydrated. I use bottled water because I have a bad habit of losing my reusable water bottle.
  8. My iPad and Apple Pencil so I can take digital notes.
  9. I usually have Blistex or some type of lip balm, but I can never seem to find them when I need them.
  10. Eye drops for the days I wear contacts because I was not gifted with 20/20 vision. (If I am wearing glasses a cleaning wipe)
  11. And I usually have a book that I am reading for one of my seminar classes.
  12. Also my bag I don’t use it much now that I am doing work at home so I did not include it in the picture.
  13. My phone and my wallet are not included in the picture but are also things that I have in my bag.
  14. My Keys, we have been in this pandemic for so long that I have not really needed my keys, and thus do not have a clue to where they might be.

Due to the pandemic, I have not really needed to pack a bag, so I tried to be as accurate as possible with the things I included. So I tried to fit things in my bag that I would think I would need for a full day of classes if I was going somewhere. In my description, I tried to justify why I had certain things in my bag, a little funny, and hint at bits of my personality. This image is a pretty accurate depiction of what I keep in my bag because I tend to be very practical about the things I carry. I do not want my bag to get too heavy. The image also hints at my inability to keep up with a water bottle and other things, which some people can relate to. Despite my best efforts to have a reusable water bottle, I have lost so many of them at this point, I have lost hope. But this Sunday sketch was a fun way of presenting myself and thinking about the things that I use daily.

What’s in my bag?!

  1. My Wallet
  2. Carmex
  3. A Wrist Brace
  4. Car Keys with pepper spray and a Rock Lee keychain
  5. A Pouch with Masks
  6. Nametag for work
  7. Boxcutter also for work
  8. Random change
  9. Sharpie
  10. Retainer Case

My cousins actually got me this black elephant bag from Claires years ago. I have used it on and off, but now it’s my go to bag because I can be kinda rough with it. I always keep it on the floor of my room and if I need to go anywhere I can just grab it and go. As for the contents, a wallet is very necessary because it has my money and license. Though I never go out specially to shop or go get necessities, I only leave my house is to go to work. There are a few reasons for that. First, I kinda live in the middle of nowhere, so to go to Walmart or work I have to drive 30+mins. With the pandemic, my dad was the assigned person to get groceries, and it’s still like that. On to the next item, I always have chapped lips, so I make to have some sort of lip balm around me. The wrist brace is for when I work. I think it is pretty obvious to figure out where I work. Chick-Fil-A. I bought the wrist brace to wear when I am taking orders on IPads because the IPads are heavy and very uncomfortable to hold. I got weak wrists :(. The nametag, boxcutter, and sharpie are also for work. Next is my car keys which I love because of the Rock Lee ( a Naruto character ) on it and bells on it that you can’t see that well in the photo. The bells are very convenient when I need to make sure I have my keys inside the black abyss of my bag. I can just shake the bag to hear the bells. The dotted pouch as an assortment of mask though I usually wear the mask from my CFA uniform. The last item is my retainer case. I always keep that on me even though I can go without wearing my retainer for 10 hours per day. Speaking of that, I need to schedule an orthodontist appointment.

Looking back at before the pandemic, I had everything in my backpack and more things. I like to be prepared and more. I usually had a mini first aid kit in my backpack with extra hair ties and whatnot. I also have extra things in my car as well like a blanket, small pillow, towels, hairbrush, jacket, and masks. I find comfort in have a lot of things that I know will be useful for me or others in the future. I think that my bag and its contents represent the pandemic version of me. To be honest, I just shove things in the bag and have to rummage through it all for a while to find what I need. It’s an organized chaos which I think describes me perfectly.