Sketch #6 Whats in your Bag?

Contents: Emory Binder, Lab Manual, Lab Notebook, Macbook pro, USB C Charging Cord, Emory Planner, Sunglasses, Airpods, Pen

Overall, I did not find this sketch assignment too difficult. Given that we are living in a pandemic, I only use my backpack only a couple times a week. When I do, I usually have most of my Chemistry supplies because my Chemistry class and lab are in-person. Therefore, I use the binder for all the worksheets that I receive during Chem lecture and use the lab manual and notebook during lab. Also, I use my computer to complete several assignments for my classes, and I use a planner to keep track of my work for the week. As for sunglasses and airpods, I use those on an impromptu basis given the environment around me. After looking at what is inside my bag, I feel like it is very representative of me as a student because I am quite minimal on the resources that I typically use.

Sketch 6: What’s in your bag?

Name: Martin H.

Occupation: Student at Emory

Contents: Macbook Pro, Wallet, Drivers License, Credit Card, Debit Card, Trident Gum, Disposable Film Camera, Airpods, Keys, Cat Keychain, Hand Sanitizer, TI-84, Macbook Charger, Lightning to usb-c cord, Macbook HDMI-USB-USB-C Dongle, iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, Herschel Supply Backpack, and a Banana for scale.

I’m not sure how to explain it but I feel like this is very representative of me as a person. Part of it is also due the fact that I can recognize that this are my belongings. Some choices I had to make are how to place everything and whether or not I should stack things on each other. I didn’t find this assignment too challenging. I think representing yourself in a catalog of the stuff in your bag is a type of writing because how someone formats their description can show how one carries themselves.

Sunday Sketch 6: What’s in my bag?

My items:

  1. My glasses and eyeglass case – This is essential to my everyday life because my eyesight sucks and I need help seeing at a distance.
  2. A polka-dot umbrella – I forgot to take it out of my bag but I put it in there at the beginning of the week when it was storming days on end.
  3. An extra spoon and fork – It was leftover from my lunch out this afternoon. I may need it for future meals.
  4. My pink calculator – I forgot to take it out of my bag but I put it in there at the beginning of the week when I went to go study in Woodruff Library.
  5. A pair of black earbuds – I use this pair or another of my other pairs of earbuds/headphones 24/7 because I listen to music and podcasts frequently throughout the day and I use them for any Zoom sessions. (I have way too many, sadly. :/ )
  6. A KitKat – A friend of mine randomly handed me this today since she knows I’m constantly hungry.
  7. A mechanical pencil and a wooden pencil – I always have these writing tools because they are essential to being a student. I prefer the mechanical one and only have the wooden one as a backup.
  8. My wallet – I brought this along today in case I went to the store and needed money for purchasing. I didn’t go.
  9. Tissues – It is officially allergy season and I have horrible allergies.
  10. Lip balm – Even though I am wearing my mask whenever I am out, it’s routine from pre-COVID to bring my lip balm everywhere just in case.
  11. My Kindle – I falsely convinced myself that I would have some free time today and read outside in the nice fresh air.

I would say that this photo inexplicitly represents me. It included a lot of aspects that are essential to my everyday functioning, such as my glasses and earbuds. However, on the surface level, the items didn’t reflect my true self. I think my reasoning behind including the items is more representative. One example is that for a lot of the items, I put them in my bag in case of an emergency, showing that I am a well-prepared and thoughtful person. I plan ahead in case things go wrong, like a pencil running out of lead or me having an unexpected sneezing attack. I only removed a couple of items that were really personal, however, in a way, they would have been a lot more explicitly representative. That level of authenticity would have been uncomfortable for me to share publicly. I think this catalog is a form of writing, especially with the help of short explanations. It was similar to a comic in that the image has underlying meaning that is uplifted with accompanying text.

Sketch 6: What’s in your bag?

Due: 10/13

Tag: sk6

Find a relatively large empty space. Take your backpack, messenger bag, or whatever sort of bag you carry around with you regularly, empty all the contents out, and arrange them carefully so that they represent a visual snapshot of the stuff you tote around with you on a normal day. Then take a clear photo showing your bag and the stuff and upload it to your site.

Note that like the avatar or the literacy narrative, this too is a type of autobiographical composition. If you have something in your bag that is private, embarrassing, or for some other reason you don’t want it in the picture then make the editorial decision not to include it. Or vice versa: if you would like to assume a certain kind of persona then you might consider including items in your catalog that might be less than fully true.

Add some text to your post listing the items represented in your photo, preferably adding in a bit of explanatory and/or funny commentary along the way. This can be a paragraph of text or a list or whatever format seems most appropriate for you. When these sorts of posts are done by publications, like say The Verge or Timbuk2, they are often not so subtle efforts at product placement but for our purposes there is no reason for you to engage in such advertising games.

Along with the photo and your description of the items, include a paragraph reflecting on what it was like to craft a self-portrait through this photograph. How actually representative is this image of you as a person? What sorts of choices did you make in order to create the image? What was challenging about this assignment? Is representing yourself in a catalog of the stuff in your bag a type of writing? Why or why not?