What’s Up With the Sun??

Sunday, Feb 7 2021

I spent around a good 20 minutes deciding on what I wanted to do for this week’s Sunday Sketch. I went through many drafts where I experimented with a tabasco bottle, a pair of earphones, and a pack of gum. Eventually, I settled on the metal ball inside my blender bottle.There were many angles to look at the twisted metal ball and I decided that it reminded me of a planet. I first thought of making it Saturn, but I liked the idea of drawing all of the major celestial bodies inside our solar system and making the metal ball the “sun”. In the end, I enjoyed this week’s sketch because it made me look at the objects around me and think about how to incorporate it with drawings.

Swiss Army Knife

This is a sketch of my Swiss Army Knife. The reason I chose this, apart from it being one of the few things on my desk, is the meaning the knife has. It is a tradition in my family to get a Swiss Army Knife as a gift in our Bar Mitzvah. I’m not sure when this started, but I know my dad has his, his fathers, and his grandfathers. I vividly remember receiving the gift, it was after dinner the night prior to the ceremony. He told me about the tradition and how I will pass it on to my kids. I asked him why a Swiss Army Knife, its such a random thing. He responded saying that I would use it much more than I think, and he was right. I find myself using this tool daily for miscellaneous tasks. This is one of the few traditions my family has, and, because of that, I value it so much.

Sunday Sketch 2: That’s a loot of cards!

I brainstormed ideas for this sketch while sitting at my desk. I focused mainly on the objects on the tabletop and tried to think of creative ways to use them in a larger, more complex image. It took a while to come up with an imaginative idea, but I finally thought of one as I stared thoughtfully at my cluttered desk. I realized my flashcard box looked similar to a chest. My first thoughts instantly went to a treasure chest filled with pirate booty.

I started drawing valuables you commonly think of being in and around a treasure chest such as gold, jewelry, and other flashy things. I also added piles of sand that would likely be in a buried chest. To make the sketch more lively and animated, I added marks at the top that signify the motion of the chest being opened and the special riches being shown to the world. The sketch, as a whole, looks like an image captured moments right after the lid popped open.

Prompt: https://eng181s21.davidmorgen.org/assignments/sketches/sketch-2-sunday-sketches/


For my piece I drew a mad scientist character sporting two Fanta bottle caps for googles. I was really struggling with coming up with ideas for this assignments, my brain has trouble processing things in 3D. The fact that I was called by contacting tracing and put in quarantine this past week wasn’t helping anything either.

However during my stay in the plague zoo I was able to come up with one idea for a mad scientist with googles. I’ve been trying to get better at drawing humans so I figured it would be good practice as well. I based her color pallet off of soda, with green hair and an orange shirt. I used an atlas ball point pen for line work and alcohol markers for coloring.


I was sitting at the library when I took out a piece of gum and threw the wrapper into the garbage. As I watched the wrapper ball glide through the air, I realized that this could be a potential Sunday sketch. I unwrapped another piece of gum and crumbled the wrapper into a ball and started sketching. The reason why I chose this idea as a sketch is because almost everyone has enjoyed the satisfaction of crumbling a piece of paper into a ball and trying to throw it into a garbage can. As a child, whenever someone would shoot something, people would yell “KOBE,” hence the title. Therefore, I feel that this sketch is very relatable for everyone, and that is why I chose it.

Prompt: https://eng181s21.davidmorgen.org/assignments/sketches/sketch-2-sunday-sketches/

Sunday Sketch 2 – Showerbrush

I started looking around the house and thought about what object should I use. It was quite hard to find any unique object. However, I got an idea while brushing my teeth in the evening shower. I realized that the toothbrush head looks similar to the showerhead. The reason why I decided to create my Sunday Sketch with a toothbrush is that brushing teeth and having a shampoo is the daily routine for most people. I think this sketch would be familiar and relatable for lots of people. I searched up some cartoon pictures of people washing their hair to get some rough images that would be helpful for my sketch. I used Jetstream black pen to draw an outline and Crayola crayons to color the sketch.

Sketch 2: Sunday Sketches

Due: 9/15
Tag: sk2

Christoph Niemann is an illustrator, artist, and author whose work regularly appears in the New York Times, the New Yorker, and elsewhere. He’s got a mixed media series that he calls “Sunday Sketches,” in which he takes some object from his surroundings and creates a sketch on the page around it. Some of the best such works he’s included in his book entitled Sunday Sketching.

Some examples from Niemann’s Tumblr:

You can see that each of these pieces is an actual three-dimensional tangible object placed into a drawing on paper to transform that object into something new. Niemann then photographs the resulting sketch to create a two-dimensional artifact.

For your third sketch assignment, I want you to create your own Sunday sketch in a similar style.

  • Take a picture of your sketch and publish it as a post.
  • Give your post a funny or witty title.
  • Write a paragraph or two in which you explain the process whereby you came up with the idea for your Sunday sketch and the choices you made in realizing that idea as an actual sketch.
  • Include a link back to this prompt and tag it “sk2