sk9 – Charlie Finds a Golden Ticket

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory's golden ticket is up for auction | Films  | Entertainment |

When I was younger, I acted as Charlie from Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory in my middle school play. When deciding which scene I should recreate, I thought about this impactful scene. I enjoyed watching the movie when I was younger and still think it is well made and displays important life lessons. I had fun attempting to recreate this scene and Charlie’s look of genuine astonishment and joy.

sk8 – Factors of being Content


What is the difference between being happy and being content? Although basically synonyms, I viewed the two differently to conduct this study on myself. Happiness is the state where I feel worry-less. If I have a lot of work to do, I have more trouble staying happy in the moment. I might stress and act nervous before completing an assignment. Once the assignment is complete, I can lay back and, again, feel happy. During this waver of happiness, however, I remained content. Content in this situation means that I am confident in myself, my future, and that I am proud of the way I am acting. Would younger me be proud? Is older me going to look back with regret?

I noticed in my data that although I am likely happy when values for productivity and organization are lower. However, when I have a productive and punctual day, I usually have more faith in myself and my future. At that point, deciding between happiness in the moment or finding content in having faith for the future. Happiness or a future doe not have to be sacrificed all the time, but short term sacrifices to arise, and it is importance to have a wide perspective and set priorities. This is the conclusion I came to after this data: there is a balance between being happiness and content, and it is okay to sacrifice one for short periods of time. Knowing when you will find happiness again after being content for a while is important.

Quadriptych – Hoping for the Future


I chose to do my quadriptych on my experience pledging a business fraternity. The process is labor intensive, but teaches skills that will be useful when pursuing my career in the future. During the process, it was easy to hope for the end and focus on the dreadful aspects. However, now that it’s over, it is easier to see the effect it had on my entire class and myself. I also had the opportunity to become closer with individuals at Emory I would not have met otherwise. The four-panel style of the quadriptych allows the characters in the comic to show enough thoughts and emotions to portray the situation.

Combophoto – Childhood Memories


On the corner next to my elementary school in New York City, there was a small ramen shop called, “Meijin Ramen”. After school, I would go with my friends and our mothers or babysitters to Meijin for a snack before going to play in the park. These memories are a staple when I remember my time in elementary school. In college, my friends and I often are hungry and resort to whatever restaurants are available on Door Dash or Ubereats. Whenever we coincidentally order ramen, I recollect on my nine year old self running on the sidewalk in excitement. I wanted to create my combophoto on this topic because it brings to life a memory I had never considered as special until recently.

Sketch 6: What’s in your bag?

Contents: A calculator, Macbook Pro, 2 black pens, spiral notebook, computer charger, and a USB-C Iphone charger.

I think this image partially represents me. Currently, I do not have any in person classes and majority of my work is online. I do not need to carry around notebooks or papers for each class because my notes, submissions and readings are all accessible from my computer. At a glance, I would assume this is a minimalist backpack with only essentials. As I grew up, my backpack was always filled with books and was very heavy. I try to pack as lightly as possible now so my backpack does not become a hassle when I am going from place to place. My brother received the backpack from one of his past jobs and gave it to me.

Triptych – Nostalgia

For this weeks triptych, I wanted to portray the feeling of nostalgia in a college student reminiscing on his high school athletic days. It begins with the high school athlete winning but not liking wrestling. Then, at his college desk, he looks at an old photo of himself and remembers a time he misses. For the drawings, I decided between using pen/marker, or an online comic tool. I chose to use pens and markers because I like the simplistic look it gives the comic.

Literacy Narrative Pt.2

Slide 1: In elementary school, my favorite activity was creative writing. My imagination would run wild as I would regularly give personalities to the fish I had caught with my dad the weekend before.

Slide 2: I enjoyed writing stories from the fish’s perspective in the first person; I would narrate their life story up until they saw their last glimpse of light as they were pulled onto my dad’s boat to become that night’s dinner.

Slide 3: As time progressed, the writing styles my teachers taught me drastically changed. The creative writing I had become accustomed to nearly vanished, replaced by book analyses and five paragraph essays.

Slide 4: It felt as though any creative expression was compressed until only template-based sentences were appreciated. Therefore, my writing began to closer resemble this concise style my teachers seemed to prefer. I was frustrated at first by this tamper on my creative expression. All I heard was “less is more”, and the more words with less meaning I removed, the better.

Slide 5: When I entered eighth grade, the focus shifted from writing to reading. This experience was detrimental to my writing skills because I was not practicing my writing and my class time and assignments were instead reading oriented.

Slide 6: We read frequently and were not assigned written responses. Our analyses were discussion-based and we spent class time either reading together or discussing what we had read for homework. As a result, my writing skills were not being developed. 

Slide 7: Three years later, I elected to be enrolled in AP Language and Composition. At this point in my high school career, I had come to terms with the fact that I was a more stem-leaning student. However, this teacher reignited my interest in writing. Through his focus on the technicals of writing, my teacher facilitated my viewing writing as an artform.

Slide 8: Following my time in AP Literature and Composition, it was time to come to Emory. The next phase of my writing development occurred when I was applying for the Emory investment group.

Slide 9: During this process, I completed a stock pitch and had my first experience with business writing.

Slide 10: I have a close friend who is very good at writing stock pitches, and he showed me to write them correctly.

Slide 11: I studies his formatting and wording, and eventually became able to write similarly to his.

Slide 12: Since I have chosen to pursue a career in business, specifically finance, this is the writing style that will be most relevant to my profession. Therefore, it is ideal that my writing has developed into this style and I am content with my writing progression towards concise, business writing.

Sketch 3: Visual Note Taking

I typically take written notes during class in the form of bullets or an outline. Therefore, this visual note-taking assignment forced me out of my comfort zone as I adapted my written notes I took during my Italian class into a visual representation. I enjoyed this assignment because it caused me to revisit my notes, approaching them from a creative point of view. I reflected on the visual representations of the vocabulary we are currently covering in my Italian class. Adapting these words and phrases into images reminded me of the Italian culture I love. Moving forward, I will strongly consider implementing visual note-taking into my daily habits during my online classes, particularly in my Italian class but in other courses as well.

Literacy Narrative Reflection

Literacy Narrative here

While writing my personal literacy narrative, I couldn’t help but use it as a time to reflect on the events that have sculpted me academically. Looking back, I think my past is an accurate reason for why I write the way I do. At first, I did not know which event to emphasize or which was the most impactful. Now that the narrative is complete, I can clearly see that all those experiences are to a puzzle, and my writing ability now is the result. Of course, I still have plenty of developmental phases ahead where I intend to grow from my current self.

As I continue to venture away from creative writing, I have less opportunity to express my creativity. This assignment allowed me to reminisce on my past while writing about the one thing I probably know the best in this world: myself. Both the creative writing style and the opportunity for creative expression will be missed as I continue to write more for my career and less for myself. As a result, my appreciation for any creative outlet form has increased.

Finding the Light

Although 2020 has come to a close, our lives will forever be stained by its events. With the pandemic, social injustice, and economic distress, all we can do is search for the light.

Ironically, as fire usually can represent chaos and anguish, its one of the most original forms of light. We have endured a year of chaos and anguish, and can turn to a brighter year. The year of 2021 can prioritize recreating hope amongst all individuals affected by 2020.

I explored multiple items for this weeks “Sunday Sketch”: keys, iPhone chargers, and even food. I finally decided to use a lighter to reflect on simpler times, when fire was the most common form of light. Not surprisingly, I came up with this idea because my roomate watched CBS’s Survivor right next to me, a show where contestants have to sustain themselves in the wild as they endure social challenges. I couldn’t help but seeing the humor in how we find it entertaining to watch people like us live like they’re in the stone age.