The Secret Language of Comics

Swiss Army Knife

This is a sketch of my Swiss Army Knife. The reason I chose this, apart from it being one of the few things on my desk, is the meaning the knife has. It is a tradition in my family to get a Swiss Army Knife as a gift in our Bar Mitzvah. I’m not sure when this started, but I know my dad has his, his fathers, and his grandfathers. I vividly remember receiving the gift, it was after dinner the night prior to the ceremony. He told me about the tradition and how I will pass it on to my kids. I asked him why a Swiss Army Knife, its such a random thing. He responded saying that I would use it much more than I think, and he was right. I find myself using this tool daily for miscellaneous tasks. This is one of the few traditions my family has, and, because of that, I value it so much.

My Avatar

I chose to make a simple avatar that accurately reflects who I am. My last name is Burger and minus my family, everyone – including teachers and coaches – refers to me as such. I also only put “Nathan” on top instead of “Nathan Burger” because I felt as if the viewer is able to understand the picture represents my last name. I also chose to keep the drawing simple as my favorite type of art is Pop-Art. I used google drawings to create the picture itself. I drew, edited, and colored to the best of my ability to display my avatar.

The most difficult part for me was generating the work itself. I did not know how or what I could do to create something that reflected who I am. I was going to use several pictures of myself doing various activities I enjoy (working out, watching football, hanging with friends, etc.) but then creating a simple “Burger” popped in my head.

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