Sunday Sketch 5 – Triptych

It was hard to make a single image containing three frames and one picture, since I wanted to use only one picture like the triptych that I saw on A softer world. I used two different apps, Pixlr and Notability, to create my frames and used Flickr to search for a picture that goes well with my text. I wanted to write and express something that I have experienced in my life. I tried to show how I felt when everything I did collapsed because of one mistake I made, even though I did so hard on everything else. I spent a quite long time writing those sentences and choosing an image that correlates to my feeling. Crafting this sort of comic strip was easier, but also harder compared to other writing I have done this semester. At first, I felt it easy to write three short sentences. However, the shorter the sentence, the more impactful it had to be, so it was not as easy as I thought, since I needed more creativity.

Sunday Sketch 3 – Visual Note Taking

Visual Note Taking’ assignment helped me to find a strategy for understanding and memorizing the content. As my note is composed of images and is more colorful, I was able to better understand the confusing part of my BIO 142 class content. I was struggling on memorizing details of the model before, but I could be more familiarized with the model and details just by drawing. I found out that visualizing is important when I study, especially for Biology which requires memorizing. It was interesting to take a visual note, since it actually helped me a lot. I want to incorporate visual note taking for my chemistry class and other courses.

Sunday Sketch 4 – Combophoto

Sea Faucet

I often go to the beach, since I live in Southern California and the beach is close to my house. When I stare at all the water in the sea, standing on the pier, I feel refreshed. As I love going to a beach, I chose a picture of a blue, clear sea. I wanted to add a picture of a faucet, but it took me such a long time to find a feature of removing a background. Through this Sunday sketch, I learned which photo editing site is the best to remove background as I want. I think my final image conveys that we should not pollute the environment. Lots of people enjoy swimming or surfing. Also, people love to go to the beach and pier. However, protecting the sea and the environment would be the number one thing that we need to care about.

Sunday Sketch – Avatar


This is an image created by Hans Olofsson. I am emotional. When I watch a movie, a short 10-second long scene is enough to make me cry. After the movie ends and the light of the theater turns on, I can see that I am the only one who is crying when I look around. This sometimes makes me embarrassing a bit. I easily empathize with people’s feelings. I often cry with my friends when they are sad and laugh with them when they are happy. This image is crying and smiling simultaneously and I thought this would be perfect to show a big part of my personality. It took quite a long time to find an image that is drawn, not a real picture, and fulfills my want. I searched a lot of various words on flickr to choose my avatar. 

Literacy Narrative 1 Reflection

Literacy Narrative, Part 1:

When I first read the prompt, I absolutely did not know what I should write. I had no opportunity to tell, or even think about the experiences that shaped my current writing and reading skill. Therefore, the X-pages assignment took me quite long to complete, but it was helpful.  X-pages assignment allowed me to reflect on what are my own strategies and how could I have those strategies. Then, I could find the topics and structure of my Literacy Narrative 1. 

By the end of writing my narrative, I found out that I actually do not hate writing. I thought I hated writing because I am an inadequate writer and was not confident in my writing. However, I enjoyed writing about this topic quite a bit. It was interesting to tell my stories that even I had never thought about. Also, I was surprised that the memories that I wrote in my narrative were still vivid in my head. I could even clearly remember people who were next to me, the posters on the wall, and the atmosphere of the classroom. 

I think the most interesting sentence would be “Many pride themselves in being the smartest person in the room, but I strive to take myself to places where I am the dumbest person in the room, as an unconfident writer.” 

Sunday Sketch 2 – Showerbrush

I started looking around the house and thought about what object should I use. It was quite hard to find any unique object. However, I got an idea while brushing my teeth in the evening shower. I realized that the toothbrush head looks similar to the showerhead. The reason why I decided to create my Sunday Sketch with a toothbrush is that brushing teeth and having a shampoo is the daily routine for most people. I think this sketch would be familiar and relatable for lots of people. I searched up some cartoon pictures of people washing their hair to get some rough images that would be helpful for my sketch. I used Jetstream black pen to draw an outline and Crayola crayons to color the sketch.