Spooky Recruitment

I was thinking about this Sunday Sketch while I was looking out a window in the pitch black night. This gave me the idea of a ghost haunting. Once I got the idea for the sketch, the hard part was deciding how to condense everything into only three panels, such that if you remove one the story would not make. I wanted to keep the comic simple yet colorful so that it can appeal to a wide audience and so that it is light hearted. This is a different style of comic from my story board, nonetheless it was very fun to draw.

Ice Cream Lite

Coming up with an idea for the combo photo was actually very difficult, but after staring at the ceiling for a while, I noticed that the dangling lights kind of look like a tall glass with a stem flipped upside down. This lead me to thinking about ice cream, because I haven’t had it in a while. This where the idea for this sketch came from. This image looks like scooping ice cream from a glass, but at the same time it almost looks like a candle. The spoon and ice cream look almost like a wick and the light looks like an illuminated candle holder. This is where the name Ice Cream Lite comes from. Once the idea was generated, the cropping of images together was rather simple.

“Nahaufnahme von hausgemachter Schlagsahne auf einem Löffel” by marcoverch is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Image of the light was taken by my friend Javier Trujillo

Isolating Plasmid DNA

Isolating Plasmid DNA by Rizky Lubis

For this sketch I decided to visualize my notes on isolating plasmid DNA from bacteria. In biology class we were doing this lab and we had to take notes on the procedure, as we only had only one hour to complete this lab due to COVID restrictions. My mind thinks in both words and pictures. I know not many people have an internal monologue, but I do. I have always wondered what aspect of my mind is used in when I learn and process things.

When I initially took notes, I did not use any pictures and memorized the procedure verbally. When I did this, it took me some time to memorize and it was more recitatory. I had to go through the all the steps of the procedure to get to certain detail. When I visualized the notes into this sketch, it was much easier to memorize, and I could isolate certain details by visualizing the image in my head. It is almost like photographic memory, but a very very dull version. It was very interesting to draw my notes as biology labs are often centered around the microscopic world, and doing the lab in person seems mundane. I tried to make these steps more animated to make easier to visualize in my head.

Literacy Narrative 1 Reflection

I feel very uncomfortable writing something like this, not because of the content of what you are about to read, but because I have never done something like this. I think starting with a free-writing exercise threw me out of my comfort zone, which translated to the narrative. The free-writing was a creative work, something far removed from the analytical writing I was trained to do. In my literacy narrative, you will get a brief progression of experiences that lead me to my current perception of reading and writing—analytical, puzzle-like. Though writing and reading started from an imaginative process it eventually become a bit mechanical.

Looking back at this narrative, I can see that this still holds true. I can see the seeds of creative writing elements in the stories I tell. There are glimpses of storytelling, but they are trapped behind a somewhat mechanical and segmented analytical style. Had it not been for the free-writing exercise, these elements may not have been present in the narrative. I hope to get more comfortable with this, and I want to see where this can take me. Perhaps I can rediscover that imaginative feeling.

A Key that Will Open Anything

I have a habit of putting my index finger through the ring of my key chain, and I will toss the key forward and backwards so it would go from the inside of my hand to the outside and vice versa. One day while I was doing this, a thought came into my mind that a hand grenade is very form fitting to the hand, and that it also has a ring like my key. This is where I got the inspiration for this sketch.

I used an app called Medibang Paint on my tablet to draw this. I have never used digital software to draw before, but I found it quite fun! I used the layers to break down my idea into geometric shapes, before adding some texture and eventually color. Finally I put my key on my tablet to finish the piece.

Prompt: https://eng181s21.davidmorgen.org/assignments/sketches/sketch-2-sunday-sketches/

Sunday Sketch #1: Avatar

My avatar is a combination of three items: a treble clef, the letter R and a distillation flask. The electrical plug and the distillation flask represent my love for science and technology, more specifically chemistry. The treble clefs show my passion for music, and the letter R stands for my name and family (all my family members have the same first letter in their names).

As a whole this image is a collage or mixture of my interests. It is ironic that there is a distillation flask, because it is used to separate mixtures, and over the course of this blog more of my interests will be revealed. Alternatively, this image can be seen as me playing an instrument, as the tilted flask looks like a bassoon and the letter R represents myself, and the clefs at the bottom are unplayed music. Unfortunately I do not play bassoon, but I do play the violin.