Socratic Tunnel

Img Creds: Tunnel, Socrates, Car

At first, I had trouble coming up with the idea of this week’s Sunday sketch. I was looking around my room for the mere semblance of an idea. I decided to direct my focus to things that I am passionate about, thinking that would give me an idea. Since I had my violin near me, I thought incorporate a violin into my sketch. However, I did not like any of the ideas I came up with, so I shifted gears to some of my textbooks. I took a class about Socrates last semester, and that is where the idea of this sketch was born. I decided to merge Socrates’s face with a highway tunnel. I went into the class last semester intimidated not knowing anything about Socrates, which represents the darkness of the tunnel. Additionally, the class was about determining whether Socrates was innocent or guilty based on his charges. In the beginning, I found Socrates’s trial to be full of mystery, which is also why I think these two images pair well together.

Pro Caelio Mapped Out

When I first read the prompt for this week’s Sunday sketch, I immediately knew that I wanted to use notes from my Roman literature class. The reason being we read Cicero’s Pro Caelio, which in a self-contained perspective is pretty simple defense speech. However, in class, our professor showed us that there were several outside motivating factors. I found the speech to be so layered after class that my fully written notes were a little confusing. To help myself, I decided to show these outside factors was by making thought bubbles. One example of this in my sketch is Cicero’s eyes watching Clodius and Pompea. Basically what happened was that Cicero had evidence that Clodius was having an affair with Pompea. Clodius was then elected a high ranking official and he exiled Cicero for trying to ruin his name. Therefore, Cicero has motivation to defend Caelius because it means ruining the name of Clodius’s sister, Clodia.

Surprisingly, visual note taking was a very enlightening experience. When I looked at my written notes, I interpreted the information as only facts in a court case that happened thousands of years ago. I am glad that I decided to make a sketch with these notes because my brain is stimulated in such a way that I can see the bigger picture without a super intense focus. For example, for my notes relating to Clodius and Pompea, I had written a couple of sentences. However, in my sketch, it is very concise, I can interpret the information very easily. For all my notes for that class session, I can just look at the sketch and get all the information at once.

Literary Narrative Part 1 Reflection

Before doing the X-pages exercise, I did not know how I was going to respond to this prompt. I knew that my 10th grade English class was by far the most memorable and pivotal experience I had, but I also began to remember forgotten memories. After creating my list of ten memories for the X-pages exercise, I chose the four memories/experiences that were the most essential to my development as a reader and writer. As shown by my piece, these memories were reading To Kill and Mockingbird, Romeo and Juliet, Indian Camp, and, of course, my 10th grade English class. I chose these memories because they showed a steady progression of my progress and were the most resonant with me.

When I first began writing, I was shocked with how much I truly remembered from these memories. In fact, I remembered so many details, that I had to delete some unnecessary details upon my first proofread. By doing this, my hope was to more directly show my progression as a reader/writer. If anything, writing this essay was very reflective and enlightening. Partly the reason why I feel this way was that I did not write too many personal pieces in high school. Since my essays in high school were always about the fine details in a piece of literature, I found it refreshing to write something about myself.

Literary Narrative Part 1:

(Discus)sing with Friend

For this week’s Sunday sketch, I decided to draw my friends and I playing frisbee on the quad. We often have conversations while playing. Hence, the pun in the title. Playing frisbee is one of my favorite things to do with my friends. Since I am being quarantined in the hotel, I have been really missing the outdoors.

Looking around my room, I was struggling to find an object to use in my sketch. I decided to use a gum wrapper because I figured I could mold it into anything I wanted. Due to my situation, I did not have access to any physicals means of adding color, so the original sketch is black and white. However, after finishing the sketch, I used photo editing software to add color.


Sunday Sketch #1

I chose this picture to be the basis of my avatar because I thought it was highly symbolic. To me, the water and the land represent my future aspirations and the work those aspirations will require. As you can see in the picture, there is much more water than land. This is because my future is uncertain and I have to discover what I want to do with the rest of my life.

In the top right corner of my avatar, I put a Michael Jordan quote that reads, “I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed. ” Since most people believe that they had a humble upbringing to a certain degree, this quote could be interpreted as rather cliche. However, I interpret it more in a future sense. Although I do not know what the future holds in store for me, I know I can learn from my failures, which will hopefully lead to success.

The picture I selected was taken about a month ago when my friend and I went to a local beach.