Week Ahead: 3

3 2/9 Literacy Narrative, part 1
  • Hillary Chute, “Comics for Grown-Ups” from Why Comics?: From Underground to Everywhere
  • Stitches — “I was fifteen” & “A few years ago I had the following dream. In the dream I was a boy of six again” (243-329)
2/14 Sketch 3: Visual Note Taking

On Tuesday, you’ve got a very short reading from Dan Roam‘s book Draw to Win to go along with Stitches. (Note that I uploaded chapters 2 and 3 but you’re only required to read chapter 3.) Roam is a corporate trainer who publishes books and presents workshops on business communication and marketing, focusing on visual clarity for communicating complex information effectively. We’ll also be doing some drawing in class.

Your first major assignment is also due on Tuesday. I’ll begin meeting with you individually to give you feedback on those drafts starting later in the week and stretching into the next.

On Thursday, we’ll read the introductory chapter from Hillary Chute’s Why Comics?, which is a major work of comics criticism that came out a couple years ago. The first 20 pages of that article provide a history of the comics medium and a discussion of why the best term for them is comics, and why graphic novel isn’t especially useful. There is a lot of useful information in that first half of the chapter and it’s worth reading — but the really important part of the chapter, which I want you to spend most of your attention on, is the latter section under the heading “Reading Comics” (21-31). If you’re going to skip reading some of the chapter — which you shouldn’t but if you’re going to — skip the first half not the second half! Come to class with at least one or two questions you have about how to read comics effectively.