Let’s Roll~!

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When skimming over the prompt a week ago, I originally planned to start brainstorming ideas early on in the week—however that did not happen. I was sitting at my desk earlier this afternoon, spun slowly on my chair, and scanned everything visible in my room from that corner, trying to spot something that could get my imagination going ASAP. It took about two full turns before I spotted the roll of tape I dropped behind my desk earlier this week and forgot to pick it back up. The shape of the tape dispenser first made me instantly think of those little kid wooden toy cars, but I couldn’t think of how I could incorporate a sketch to that. Still pondering on the thought of transportation, it hit me it also looked like a carriage, so I looked up images of horse-drawn carriages to confirm my sketch idea—I got started right away.

I used a photograph of some wedding horse-drawn carriage to reference when sketching the horse—I love drawing animals, so this was definitely my favorite part to do and I took a bit more time working on it. On the other hand, I do not enjoy drawing people in any other way other than simply as a circle head and rectangle body, so I got that part done in seconds. For the hand-drawn portions, I used a No.2 wooden pencil. For the “carriage”, I used the tape roll dispenser and when I realized I could not draw wheels over the carriage, I ripped apart my kneaded eraser into two separate pieces, rolled them up, and stuck them on the tape dispenser.

Prompt for this Sunday Sketch is here.

Inside or Outside?

A hair clip turned into a rib cage. I knew that I wanted to do something with the hair clip, but I wasn’t sure what it could transform into. I held it up at different angles to see. Holding it far away, I realized that it looked like ribs. I got this hair clip on Amazon so that I can use it to hold up my hair. Once I got it, I realized it was too small and couldn’t handle my thick hair. I looking so forward to style it 😦 .

During my drawing process, I wished to make it realistic but also minimal. I drew the lungs, a liver, and a rough outline of a torso. I did not draw a heart because it would be covered by the rib cage. Anytime I want to draw something, I try so hard to make it realistic, especially anatomy, but it never works out. I felt defeated when I see artists on Instagram sharing their amazing art. While I was drawing, I love just the drawing aspect of it since it has been a long time since I did draw. I felt more excited to draw than I had before. Also, I was taken back to my Human Anatomy and Physiology class in high school where we had to draw life-sized skeletal system though my more artistic friend handled the sketching part of it.

It felt so nice and comforting to use a mechanical pencil again. The last time I actually used a pencil this long was before COVID. I forgot how good of a mechanical pencil I had. It’s so smooth. I missed writing on paper since all I do is type away on online assignments.

(Discus)sing with Friend

For this week’s Sunday sketch, I decided to draw my friends and I playing frisbee on the quad. We often have conversations while playing. Hence, the pun in the title. Playing frisbee is one of my favorite things to do with my friends. Since I am being quarantined in the hotel, I have been really missing the outdoors.

Looking around my room, I was struggling to find an object to use in my sketch. I decided to use a gum wrapper because I figured I could mold it into anything I wanted. Due to my situation, I did not have access to any physicals means of adding color, so the original sketch is black and white. However, after finishing the sketch, I used photo editing software to add color.

Prompt: https://eng181s21.davidmorgen.org/assignments/sketches/sketch-2-sunday-sketches/

What’s Up With the Sun??

Sunday, Feb 7 2021

I spent around a good 20 minutes deciding on what I wanted to do for this week’s Sunday Sketch. I went through many drafts where I experimented with a tabasco bottle, a pair of earphones, and a pack of gum. Eventually, I settled on the metal ball inside my blender bottle.There were many angles to look at the twisted metal ball and I decided that it reminded me of a planet. I first thought of making it Saturn, but I liked the idea of drawing all of the major celestial bodies inside our solar system and making the metal ball the “sun”. In the end, I enjoyed this week’s sketch because it made me look at the objects around me and think about how to incorporate it with drawings.

Swiss Army Knife

This is a sketch of my Swiss Army Knife. The reason I chose this, apart from it being one of the few things on my desk, is the meaning the knife has. It is a tradition in my family to get a Swiss Army Knife as a gift in our Bar Mitzvah. I’m not sure when this started, but I know my dad has his, his fathers, and his grandfathers. I vividly remember receiving the gift, it was after dinner the night prior to the ceremony. He told me about the tradition and how I will pass it on to my kids. I asked him why a Swiss Army Knife, its such a random thing. He responded saying that I would use it much more than I think, and he was right. I find myself using this tool daily for miscellaneous tasks. This is one of the few traditions my family has, and, because of that, I value it so much.

Sunday Sketch 2: That’s a loot of cards!

I brainstormed ideas for this sketch while sitting at my desk. I focused mainly on the objects on the tabletop and tried to think of creative ways to use them in a larger, more complex image. It took a while to come up with an imaginative idea, but I finally thought of one as I stared thoughtfully at my cluttered desk. I realized my flashcard box looked similar to a chest. My first thoughts instantly went to a treasure chest filled with pirate booty.

I started drawing valuables you commonly think of being in and around a treasure chest such as gold, jewelry, and other flashy things. I also added piles of sand that would likely be in a buried chest. To make the sketch more lively and animated, I added marks at the top that signify the motion of the chest being opened and the special riches being shown to the world. The sketch, as a whole, looks like an image captured moments right after the lid popped open.

Prompt: https://eng181s21.davidmorgen.org/assignments/sketches/sketch-2-sunday-sketches/


For my piece I drew a mad scientist character sporting two Fanta bottle caps for googles. I was really struggling with coming up with ideas for this assignments, my brain has trouble processing things in 3D. The fact that I was called by contacting tracing and put in quarantine this past week wasn’t helping anything either.

However during my stay in the plague zoo I was able to come up with one idea for a mad scientist with googles. I’ve been trying to get better at drawing humans so I figured it would be good practice as well. I based her color pallet off of soda, with green hair and an orange shirt. I used an atlas ball point pen for line work and alcohol markers for coloring.


I was sitting at the library when I took out a piece of gum and threw the wrapper into the garbage. As I watched the wrapper ball glide through the air, I realized that this could be a potential Sunday sketch. I unwrapped another piece of gum and crumbled the wrapper into a ball and started sketching. The reason why I chose this idea as a sketch is because almost everyone has enjoyed the satisfaction of crumbling a piece of paper into a ball and trying to throw it into a garbage can. As a child, whenever someone would shoot something, people would yell “KOBE,” hence the title. Therefore, I feel that this sketch is very relatable for everyone, and that is why I chose it.

Prompt: https://eng181s21.davidmorgen.org/assignments/sketches/sketch-2-sunday-sketches/

Avatar Sketch 1

This is a picture of a monkey that I took when I went to Florida one summer. I took this picture because of the red neon “Follow Your Dreams” sign to the left of the monkey. It seems that the monkey is following his dreams and is happy so I should to. I’m guessing the monkey’s dream was to create graffiti art because of the spray can in his hand. Although the graffiti art created by the monkey is not the best, he seems to be enjoying fulfilling his dreams. His smile makes me want to follow my own dream, regardless if I succeed in achieving them or not.