Week Ahead: 10

3/28 Data gathering for sketch 8
10 3/30
  • Sabrina –158-204
  • Good Talk chpts 1-10 (pp 3-85)
Literacy Narrative, part 3

This weekend, you should finish tracking your data for sketch 8 and publish your charts as a sketch post to your site. Identify what conceptual issue you were tracking or what question you wanted to answer (or begin to answer). Include 2 or 3 paragraphs explaining what conclusions you have drawn from the data that you collected. I hope this has been a useful process for all of you!

This coming week, we’ll wrap up our reading of Sabrina and begin to read Good Talk by Mira Jacob. Good Talk has popped up on many best of lists last year in the aftermath of protests last summer and in the run up to the elections because of its place in the national conversation about race.

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